Dead Island 2: How to Get the Emma’s Wrath Legendary Sledgehammer

Emma’s Wrath is a legendary weapon in dead island 2 this is impossible to miss. A Sledgehammer variant, it’s slow but powerful and guarantees annihilation for any zombie foolish enough to get too close. Here’s how to get your hands on the weapon, as well as its mods and perks. Please note that this guide contains spoilers.

How to get Emma’s Wrath legendary weapon in Dead Island 2

Among the legendary weapons in the game, Emma’s Wrath Sledgehammer is probably the easiest to get due to the straightforward nature of the quests. All you have to do is complete the campaign.

Basically, the game’s final mission, Hollywood Ending, leads to a confrontation with a character plagued by mutations. After eliminating this enemy, you must escape from the facility and return to the helicopter.

During the interaction at the helicopter, you will receive Emma’s Wrath as a gift.

Emma’s Wrath mods and perks

Here are the mods and perks for the legendary sledgehammer:

  • Mod: Superior Melee Fighter: Great physical damage and power boost; Consecutive hits apply the traumatized effect, with the next hit causing the target to fly away, damaging whatever it hits.
  • Perk: Guardian: Gain a moderate toughness boost when using this weapon.
  • Fixed Perk #1: Overkill: Use Skull Stomp or Counter on a zombie to prime the weapon. Once primed, your next hit triggers a shotgun blast.
  • Fixed Perk #2: Shockwave: Knocking down a zombie triggers a massive explosion on impact.

Screenshot of GameSkinny

Given the above, that’s clear Emma’s Wrath is one of best weapons In dead island 2. Sledgehammers are already considered one of them the best melee weapons So, due to her incredible damage and area of ​​effect wallops, having something with four modifiers, one of which can be added, is just icing on the cake.

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And that’s how you get Emma’s wrath in dead island 2. To learn more about the other powerful endgame weapons, you can visit our Legendary weapon collection page. Also more about dead island 2you can visit our Main guide for visiting Hell-A.

Featured image by GameSkinny.

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