Dead Island 2: How to Open All the Lockboxes

There are 51 lockers that can be found across the ten maps dead island 2‘s zombie-infested Los Angeles. You’ll find them in all sorts of places as you hack and smash your way through the game, but you can’t open them until you have the appropriate keys. In this guide, we’ll go over everything you need to know about these vaults, including how to open lockers and why you might want to bother.

Safe Crackin’ – How to Find All Locker Keys dead island 2

Lockers are distinguished from other locked objects throughout the game by an icon that appears on your in-game map when you’ve found one (below).

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If you’ve found a Strange Lock Box/Safe/Box that doesn’t have a Lock Box map icon, then it will open in a different way. Usually it is part of a side quest.

A typical lockbox contains a randomly generated weapon equal to your current level, usually Rare quality or better. Several specific lockers also contain additional loot, such as: B. unique weapons or blueprints for advanced weapon mods or Weapon Perks.

Opening lockers counts towards the exploration challenge Safe Crackerwhich rewards you with bonus money at every stage of completion.

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Rank 4 of Safe Cracker only requires you to open a total of 35 lockers, so there’s no reason to get more after that unless you’re a really manic completer.

Reaching rank 1 of Safe Cracker is part of the requirements for the hodgepodge Trophy/Achievement. You also get the Jumbo Keyring Trophy/Achievement for opening any 10 lockers.

I need to take your keys: How to find locker keys

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To open 49 of the 51 lockers, you must track down a named, unique zombie that spawns somewhere nearby.

These named zombies are always in the same zone as the locker, and many of them are or will be within 100 meters of it. However, they may not appear until much later in the game. may be in an unusual, hidden or independent location; and/or can be an Apex Infector, such as a Crusher, Butcher, or Screamer.

Expect a named zombie to be significantly tougher than its generic equivalent, with inflated health and damage. Named Mutators in particular are among the toughest fights ever dead island 2

It’s not immediately obvious what determines when and where a named zombie spawns. Some are available once you reach a specific map, others only appear during the day or night. Some just take a long time to appear. Our current hypotheses are:

  • Certain zombies spawn as Apex Infected, meaning they won’t spawn until you reach the point in the story where those Apex were introduced. For example, butchers don’t appear in Hell-A until you complete Boardwalking Dead, neither do so-called butchers.
  • The trigger for a named zombie spawn can be overridden by other main or side quests taking place in or around its spawn point. The Military Courier appears in the Halperin Hotel lobby, but not when you are on The Rav-Ages of Caustic X side quest, which takes place in the ballroom; Once you complete this quest, the Military Courier will often spawn right after it.
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If you kill a named zombie but leave the map before picking up its key, that zombie will respawn in roughly the same spot the next time you visit. If it is killed a second time, it will drop its key again.

key loot

The following lockers contain something other than a random weapon, giving them a higher priority than the others.

  • Burger ’66 Employee Locker, Venice Beach:
    • Unique club gastric bypass
  • Construction Team Safe, Beverly Hills:
    • Superior melee impactor blueprint
  • Electrician’s Toolbox, Ocean Avenue:
    • Blueprint for Superior Ranged Mutilator
  • Eschaton Staff Safe, Hollywood Blvd:
    • Superior Ranged Electrocutor blueprint
  • Fancy Leather Chest, Halperin Hotel:
  • Guest Souvenir Box, Ocean Avenue:
  • Lifeguard HQ Box, The Pier:
    • Blueprint for Superior Melee Incinerator
  • chest of Lt. Land, Venice Beach:
  • Nikki’s Bounty Box, Beverly Hills:
    • Superior Ranged Liquidator Blueprint Unique Turret Extinction Event
  • Randgate Security Case, Ocean Avenue:
  • Rose’s Storage Box, Venice Beach:
  • Secure Bio Container, Beverly Hills:
  • Serling Front Desk Safe, Ocean Avenue:
    • Blueprint for Superior Melee Mutilator
  • Theater Box Safe, Hollywood Boulevard:
    • Superior ranged dotter blueprint

By numbers: locker keys by zone

Check out the mini-guides below to learn where to find each locker and zombie that goes with it.

For more tips, tricks, and guides, check out our dedicated dead island 2 game hub.

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