Dead Island 2: Inventory and Workshop Crashing Fix on PC

Inventory crashes may occur during gameplay dead island 2 on PC. This could be the most harrowing part of your journey. After all, nothing is scarier than being booted out of the game and repeating part of a quest or retracing your steps due to an inventory or workshop menu crash. How to fix these problems on PC.

How to fix inventory and workshop menu crashes in Dead Island 2

Primarily, your dead island 2 Experience should run smoothly. However, there can be some issues that can make your time in Hell-A frustrating. One of them is when the game crashes while you are in your inventory or workshop menu on PC.

These crashes happened to me while I was repairing and upgrading weapons, and it got to a point where I was dreading repairing an item due to possible glitches and loss of progression. Thankfully, if you’ve encountered these issues as well, there is some kind of solution that can help.

Screenshot of GameSkinny

How to fix PC inventory and workshop menu crashes dead island 2:

  • Go to “Options”
  • “Advertisement”
  • “Progressive”
  • Disable AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution 2.

I can confirm that it works as after making this change the game no longer crashed while checking my items.

Remember that AMD’s FidelityFX Super Resolution 2 is used to produce higher resolution frames, with an option for increased performance if required. As such, you may need to lower your graphics settings if frame rates continue to drop when this option is disabled.

Anyway, we were able to fix that dead island 2 Inventory crashes on PC. For more information about the game, visit our DI2 leads hub.

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