Dead Island 2: Is There New Game Plus?

dead island 2 has an extensive campaign with 24 main missions, without side quests, challenges and optional objectives. While you can expect around a dozen hours of gameplay, you might be wondering if DI2 has a New Game Plus mode or if you can continue playing after the campaign ends. Here’s what you need to know dead island 2 NG+.

Does Dead Island 2 have a new game plus?

So do it dead island 2 Do you have a New Game Plus mode? unfortunately, dead island 2 has no New Game+ mode.

Can I continue playing Dead Island 2 after the campaign?

While there are plenty of unresolved storylines at the end of the game, you won’t be able to see those conclusions in NG+ mode at this point. Instead of this, you can Keep playing through regular explorations in free play. This includes revisiting most areas in the game and completing any side quests that you may have missed.

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However, there are some endgame activities that reward legendary weapons. While Emma’s Wrath could be the first legendary weapon you get as you progress through the story, the rest of the legendary weapons can be obtained via Lost & Found quests in the post-game Free Roam stages

Some examples that we detail in separate guides are the body count, bloodlustAnd party starter. In addition, since you are pretty much done with all the main missions, you can do this Help newbies through the co-op system.

Starting a new game with a new Slayer character

As there is no New Game Plus mode dead island 2, starting a new run is just repeating history from the beginning. If you plan on choosing a different Slayer character the second time around, keep the following in mind:

  • Once you can interact with that First stow away, you can see all the items and weapons your main character carted away. Unfortunately, since these probably have high requirements, you can’t use them just yet.
  • Some Survival Cards could be different (i.e. Dani and Jacob get the Serial Killer card, but Amy and Bruno get Bob & Weave instead).
  • All ability cards And curve balls must still be obtained normally through progression and exploration.
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But that answers the question of whether or not dead island 2 has a New Game Plus mode. You can continue the campaign in Free Roam mode after completing it, smashing more zombie skulls and collecting more weapons and items. If you need help with other mechanics, you can visit ours dead island 2 leads hub.

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