Dead Island 2 Lockbox Key Guide: Beverly Hills and Monarch Studios

Our tour of dead island 2Infected Los Angeles moves further into the suburbs as we visit Beverly Hills and nearby B-movie production company Monarch Studios. Both maps have some hidden lockers full of loot, including a unique weapon. Here’s how to get all the vault, locker, and case keys in these two areas.

Not sure if you’ve opened all the lockers or if you only have one on your mind? We have guides for each locker location and key location, separated by area:

Dead Island 2: Where to Get All Lockbox Keys in Beverly Hills and Monach Studios

All lockers in Beverly Hills from Dead Island 2

Unless otherwise noted, all lockers in dead island 2 contain a random weapon of at least rare quality that is the same level as you.

A word of warning: on your first trip to Beverly Hills, several houses are guarded by “skull” zombies programmed to be at least five levels higher than you, if not much higher.

You can still kill a “Skull” zombie with clever tactics, but it’s easier to leave and come back later when you’re at level 15-20.

Michael is safe

While searching for Michael in “O Michael, Where Art Thou?” If you look out the front window of his house, you might see a named zombie, Michael’s protégé, right in his driveway (see featured image). She has the key to the safe in Michael’s living room.

Family Garage Safe

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In the big empty house just west of Michaels, as the name suggests, you’ll find this in the garage. A unique walker, the Nosy Neighbor, can appear at night in the cul-de-sac north of Farouk’s house, which you visit during the Resurrect the Rex side quest.

Party contraband case

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You’ll need to complete at least part of the The Ballad of Rikky Rex side quest to reach this lockbox, as it’s in Rikky’s bedroom closet on the second floor of his house.

If you complete The Ballad of Rikky Rex and return to Rikky’s back patio later in the game, you can get the locker key from a named crusher, the Party Bouncer, who appears during the day.

Brentwood waste bin

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This is easy to miss since it’s in the back room of the sewage treatment plant where you’ll find Phil during Justifiable Zombicide. The key is held by a named screamer, Brentwood Staff, who can appear on the street just outside the treatment plant at night.

Nikki’s Bounty Reward

You can stop by Nikki Gutte’s Beverly Hills home once you reach the map, but you can’t get inside until Sam breaks down the door during Justifiable Zombicide. There’s a locker in her bedroom closet, but you can’t open it until much later in the game, when you can pick up the key from a named butcher named Target Practice who patrols widely in Beverly Hills.

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Nikki’s locker contains the blueprint for the Superior Ranged Liquidator weapon mod and a unique heavy revolver, Extinction Event.

Construction team safe

You might spot this safe in a closet on the top floor of the construction site during “Kwon With the Wind”. If you return to this area at night after Blood Drive, you may find the Site Foreman turned mutator. If you can take him down, he’ll drop the key to the safe.

Safe bio container

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Approximately in the middle of the map, a house has been converted into a research center for the army. It’s covered in Caustic-X, haunted by Slobbers, and guarded by several deadly “skull”-level zombies, including a runner named SSG Hernandez, who will lop your head off if he sees you. Hernandez is hanging out at the end of the street in front of the house and is hardcoded to be at least level 20.

Once you have the firepower to deal with Hernandez, you can return to the “Acid House” and kill him for his key. It opens a biohazard waste bin on the first floor of the house that contains the powerful, albeit situational Weapon Perk Acid Rain.

All of the lockers in the Monarch Studios of Dead Island 2

The security guard’s cooler

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You can break into the studio’s security booth by destroying the maglock plate on the outside wall. The zombie with the locker key, simply called Monarch Security, is a walker who shows up at Jimmy Montana’s trailer during the day.

Kelli Jo’s suitcase

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This is of course written in Kelli Jo Longetieg’s trailer, on the Best Supporting Path on the east side of the property. Kelli Jo herself appears as a screamer on Shutterbug Avenue off the sitcom set, day and night, anytime after Justifiable Zombicide.

Space Fox 2250 Prop

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The Space Fox prop box is on the north side of the studio lot at the end of Sinclair Street in an area that becomes slobber territory when you return after O Michael, Where Art Thou.

Returning to Monarch Studios during the day, the Space Fox Prop Master may appear as a nearby Spiky Runner on the north side of Stardom Way.

If you’ve followed all of this advice, you should be able to open all of the lockers in Beverly Hills and Monarch Studios soon enough. In the meantime, if you have any other questions, we have answers on our dedicated dead island 2 leads hub.

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