Dead Island 2 Lockbox Key Guide: Ocean Avenue and the Pier

Once you make it to Ocean Avenue dead island 2, you have achieved one of the main goals of the Slayers. Now you can find out what’s really going on in Hell-A, but also grab all the loot you can find. How to get all the locker keys you can find on Ocean Avenue and Santa Monica Pier.

If you leave the keys to other lockers, safes, etc dead island 2we have written guides leading to all locker key locations separated by card:

Dead Island 2: Where to Get All Locker Keys on Ocean Avenue and the Pier

Ocean Avenue lockers

Guest’s keepsake box

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After completing The Final Gauntlet, wake up in Room 01 at the Serling Hotel, where you’ll notice this locked vanity case on the nearby counter.

Later in the game, after completing The Quest for Truth, you can revisit the OSK retail store to find the Serling Hotel Guest in its back alley. Take his key to open the keepsake box that contains the blueprint for the weapon perk Energized.

Serling reception safe

The locker behind the front desk at the Serling Hotel can be opened with a key from the hotel concierge that can spawn on the second floor of the Lotusville Mall at night. The safe contains the Superior Melee Mutilator Weapon mod blueprintmaking this the first superior blueprint you’re likely to find.

Electrician tool box

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This is in the closet in Tisha’s apartment at Thalia Residences. To find the key, look at the large hole at the northwest end of the map. A named Shocking Runner, the Faulty Electrician, can spawn there at any point day or night after Boardwalking Dead. With his key, you can open the toolbox and claim the blueprint for the Superior Ranged Mutilator Weapons Mod.

Hard case for the editorial office

The side quest “Scooped!” becomes available when you approach the LA24 building during “The Quest for Truth”. This will allow you to board LA24 despite saying “Scooped!” before you can go again

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The Newsroom hard case is located in the boardroom on the second floor. His key is held by the talk show guest, a firestorm slobber that spawns on the first floor at night.

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Randgate security case

During “The Quest for Truth” you will find a hidden lab on the east side of Ocean Avenue with a locker in its security office. This is not available before this time.

Complete the Lost & Found quest “Missing: Greg” to gain access to the underground garage at the Randgate Lab. On a second visit, you’ll find the Randgate Staffer, a Voltaic Screamer, in the utility room of this garage.

The security case contains the Blueprint for the weapon perk Vengeful.

Officer Wilson’s luggage

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Room 02 in Hotel Serling is initially locked, but after The Quest for Truth its door will open for you to pick up a side quest from Harold.

However, for the purposes of this article, we are only interested in the suitcase on the floor. The late Officer Wilson shows up as a Riot Gear Walker in the Apex-infested park at the north end of Ocean Avenue during the day. Unusually, this locker only contains ~$1,200.

The pier’s lockers

Lifeguard HQ Box

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When you wake up on the beach after Boardwalking Dead, the Beach Hunk has already appeared. It’s an Inferno Crusher in the large crater on the east side of the beach, and its key opens the large orange storage bag located under the desk in Lifeguard HQ’s zombie-free zone. It contains the blueprint for the Superior Melee Cremator Weapon Mod.

Suspicious biohazard container

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This can be hard to find on a round trip as your map makes it appear as if the biohazard container is on the CDC compound. Instead, it’s just outside the west exit, on the other side of an open shipping container. The Caustic-X Walker with the key, the CDC Viscera Cleaner, spawns along the beachfront during the day.

family storage box

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In the bathroom of Luigi’s Pizzeria, look for a suspicious briefcase. The runner Luigi Jr. has the key, but he only appears in the supply tunnel under the pier at night.

It’s downhill from here, or at least underground. Next time we’ll cover the last two cards dead island 2. If you have more questions about the game, check out ours fixed DI2 guide hub.

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