Dead Island 2 Lockbox Key Guide: The Metro and Hollywood Boulevard

The last two cards in dead island 2 are also two of the least complicated, but they have many mysteries. Here’s where to find all the locker keys at the Metro and Romeros Awards Show on Hollywood Boulevard.

You’ll likely have more lockers to open, and we’ve got you covered on where they and their keys are:

Dead Island 2: Where to Get All Lockbox Keys in Metro and Hollywood Blvd

Unless otherwise noted, all lockers are in dead island 2 contain a random weapon of at least rare quality, usually at or near your current level.

The lockers of the metro

commuter belongings

On a second visit to the Metro, you’ll find the Putrid Commuter, a petrified drool, in the west tunnel. It’s usually in front of an abandoned subway car, which you may have noticed earlier because it’s covered in gross lumps of explosives. His key lets you get into this car so you can loot a suitcase to the back.

patient’s locker

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The patient’s locker appears on a wooden spool in the flooded room on the east side of the Metro, where you had to navigate a large pool of electrified water during The End of the Line.

This water doesn’t still get electrified when you revisit the area, but the derailed patient with the key is a Voltaic Screamer, so that will fix that. She appears as soon as you enter the flooded room, so be ready to get out of the water.

Hollywood Boulevard lockers

Starla’s Awards Show Safe

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At the east end of the grandstand, go around behind them and break through the boarded up door to find a small hidden room with Starla’s safe inside. As you explore Hollywood Boulevard during the day, you’ll find Starla as Crusher, initially staring like the wall in front of the Old Dynasty Theater The Blair Witch Project.

Theater box office safe

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Head into the Deth Rawk Bar and Grill, half-hidden under the fault omen to kill billboard and smash the boxes to find a safe in the wall.

At night, Nick the Usher appears in front of the portable toilets hidden behind the stands south of Deth Rawk. The vault contains the blueprint for the Superior Ranged Puncturator Weapon Mod.

Caretaker’s locker

Unusually, the key to this locker is not on a zombie. If you complete the Missing: Rainier Lost & Found quest instead, you’ll find the key on a shelf in an otherwise inaccessible storage room inside the subway station.

Eschaton personal safe

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After the game at night, head back to the Hollywood Boulevard subway station. A named Voltaic Screamer, the Eschaton Doctor, sometimes lingers on the top level and will drop the key you need to open the locker in the hidden lab behind the Re-Aging Clinic. It contains the blueprint for the Superior Ranged Electrocutor weapon mod.

Metro ticket counter Safe

You can open the ticket office in the subway station by destroying 3 nearby maglock panels. To get into the safe you have to wait until after DI2‘s end credits as the Metro Ticket Taker spawns in the corridors of Eschaton’s hidden lab as Firestorm Slobber. It drops the Ticket Office Safe Key.

That’s it for the locker keys dead island 2. Have fun with your loot and if you need help with anything else DI2feel free to take a look at ours dedicated Guides hub.

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