Dead Island 2 Zombie Types: Full List of Zombies and How to Kill Them

dead island 2 Zombies and apex creatures will compete with you in Hell-A. No matter whether you are traveling alone or play cooperatively with friends, you must fight with decrepit and decaying creatures. Below we provide a full enemy list, including various Zombie variants and Apex enemies like Crushers and Butchers. We also provide tips on how to defeat them.

How to defeat all zombie types in Dead Island 2

The enemies inside dead island 2 can be divided into two categories: zombies and apex creatures, each with their own subgroups based on type. We list these enemies below based on their factions. You will snag some too DI2 Trophies and Achievements while you defeat them.

Normal zombie types: Walkers, Walkers and Runners

The three regular zombies in dead island 2 are pretty easy to remove:

  • shuffler are extremely slow and pose no threat.
  • walker are slightly faster and have a three-hit melee combo.
  • runner are more annoying as they will happily dodge your punches, but a quick side step followed by a weapon swing to their legs will immobilize them. Alternatively, you can dodge her lunge and then counterattack for an easy execution.

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Defense Boosted Zombies: Riot Gear, Firefighter, and Hazmat variants

These kinds of dead island 2 Enemies have additional defenses that make their bodies more resilient or even immune to certain types of damage:

  • Riot Gear Wanderer: These former SWAT team members are still wearing their armor. You have to keep attacking them to destroy their armor and deal damage. Slashing/bladed weapons are better than blunt weapons or firearms. They are also quite resistant to explosives.
  • Hazmat walkers/runners: These enemies are immune to caustic (i.e. acid) damage. Even the spoiled pool inside Halperin Hotel won’t hurt them.
  • Fire Department Walker/Runner: Firefighters are immune to all types of elemental damage (e.g. Fire, Shock and Corrosive). They can still be taken out with non-elemental hits.

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Attack Boosted Zombies: Burning, Spiky, and Insect Swarm

These undead enemies have additional offensive abilities that make them deadlier compared to regular variants:

  • Burning walkers/runners: As the name suggests, Burning Walkers/Runners are engulfed in flames. You can try to put out the fires when there’s a water source nearby, or just put them out with normal hits.
  • Spiky walkers/runners: Spiky undead variants are covered in sharp ledges, making their melee attacks extremely dangerous.
  • Insect Swarm Walker: Dealing with insect swarm runners is quite frustrating as locusts will fly towards you to start nibbling, draining your health. You better shoot at the target from a distance, which will cause the cloud of locusts to dissipate.

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Explosive Zombies: Incendiary, Grenadier, Shocking, and Caustic-X

These kinds of dead island 2 Enemies tend to carry objects that will be destroyed if the targets are hit or killed. You can use their quirks to your advantage, as other enemies can also take damage from the explosions:

  • arsonist: Fire strays carry tanks that spread oil and set others ablaze.
  • Grenadier Walker: Grenadiers are deadly if you’re not careful, as their charges will explode when hit.
  • Shocking walkers/runners: Shocking variants are even more dangerous. Electric currents will periodically shoot out of their bodies, shocking you and others nearby.
  • Caustic-X Walkers: Finally, Caustic-X Walkers have a biochemical tank that spreads acidic goo all over the ground.
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Utility Zombies: Drinking and food couriers

These are special types of zombies that don’t really fit into any of the above categories. They’re fairly rare and seem to appear in certain locations.

  • Hydration Walkers: Hydration Walkers have no real offensive or defensive boosts. However, their water tanks will explode as soon as they are hit, which can affect/set off other hazards (e.g. fire is extinguished, acid is washed away, or electric currents spread everywhere).
  • Eat couriers: These mischievous undead creatures carry bags of snacks. Kill them to pick up protein bars and energy drinks.

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Apex: breaker

The apex zombie you will encounter dead island 2 is the crusher. These enemies pack a punch, but they’re usually slow. You have a lunge that you can dodge, as well as ground attacks that you have to jump over. A variant that Inferno Breakerhas fire-based attacks.

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Apex: slobber

slobber are fat guys who vomit unspeakable dirt out of their bodies. The simple slobber has a sour spit and sour breath.

The Firestorm Slobber, meanwhile uses the fire element. Finally there is Rotten droolwhose spit attack creates a glob of bile that explodes after a few seconds.

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Tip: Bursters

bursters are hapless creatures that just run towards you before exploding. Watch out whenever they’re around and get ready to throw them away from you.

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Apex: Screamer

screamer are probably the most annoying enemies in dead island 2. They have a nasty scream that will push you away while calling for more undead to appear.

The Voltaic Screamer Variant even uses electricity to zap you and its kind. You can prevent a screamer from screeching by delivering a heavy hit with your melee weapon or a single shot with a firearm.

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Tip: butcher

Butcher’s shop are sadistic enemies only too eager to tear you to pieces. You have four-hit melee combos to dodge. In addition, if you can dodge their lunge and leap attack, they will be temporarily stunned.

Butchers will also attempt to run away and eat nearby corpses to regenerate their HP. Likewise the Evil butcher Variant deals additional bleed damage per hit.

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Apex: Mutators

mutators are enemies you’ll encounter late in the campaign that resemble almost standalone mini-bosses. Her three-hit combo ends in a Ground Pound, which you have to dodge to stun her. You can also do this when it tries to fail.

What you must avoid, however, is mid- to long-range combat. Mutators shoot spiked projectiles from their chests that can deal massive amounts of damage if you can’t dodge them.

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And there you have it. These are the zombie enemies you will face dead island 2, as well as some tips and tricks to kill them. For more information on your journey to Hell-A, check out our dead island 2 leads hub.

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