Dead Space Remake 1.005 Update Improves Steam Deck Performance, Adds Bug Fixes

A new patch for the Empty room Remake has gone live, which improves Steam Deck performance and adds HDR10+. While the game is by no means in bad shape technically, developer EA Motive continues to work on the remake with small updates and improvements like those made in the latest patch, version 1.005.

The update isn’t particularly extensive as it mainly focuses on bug fixes and path updates for specific quests that can be done out of order. However, the addition of HDR10+ means you can experience the game’s stunning visuals with increased clarity.

It’s nice to see continued support for Empty room, but it’s important to note that not all bugs have been ironed out of the game yet. An issue regarding disappearing walls and an AI bug for the hunter fight in chapter 5 not yet been addressed by EA Motive. However, as the game is still receiving bug fixes, it’s possible that these will be fixed in a future patch.

Dead Space Remake Version 1.005 Patch Notes

The following is the full list of patch notes from the Dead Space remake’s Steam page, which was released on February 17th.

  • Steam deck improvements.
  • The game now detects if the player collected the “Crew Quarters” keycard before reaching Chapter 10 and completing the “Find the Crew Deck Key” objective. If you load a save where you were already in this state and the game doesn’t update, exit the area (about 60 seconds) and come back. The game should then update.
  • The door to the Security Station properly unlocks after Daniels’ call ends during the Find the Source of the Transmission objective. If the door is still on standby after loading a save, take the tram to another station and back, wait 30 seconds and the door will unlock.
  • You can no longer launch the asteroid without first destroying the gravity cables and preventing them from getting stuck. If you’re already stuck loading a game, the game will update when the player destroys the mining tether. If you haven’t destroyed the mining tethers, you should do so and the game will be updated.
  • Fixed dr. Kyne didn’t spawn in the chief steward’s office. Fixed when the current target is messed with Unitologist icons. Head back to the cantina and then back to the Hunter battle room. This should trigger the correct quest flow. Then follow the quest markers until you reach Kyne’s sequence.
  • We are now allowing the previous suit visual to be equipped. Previously acquired visual suits are available in storage and can be equipped by selecting them and choosing the “Equip” action. To remove a cosmetic, select the currently equipped cosmetic suit from storage and select the “Equip” option. Changing the cosmetic aspect of a suit does not affect the upgrades you have purchased. Suits are granted as follows: buy level 2 -> acquire cosmetic level 1, buy level 3 -> acquire cosmetic level 2, etc. For saves where you have already purchased certain suit upgrades, the player will automatically receive the cosmetics in their storage.
  • A few other fixes that may be helpful overall, keep us posted here once you’ve updated your game and spent some time with it.
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These are the patch notes for the latest ones Empty room Update, 1.005. Empty room is now available for PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X and S.

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