Dead Space Remake: How to Get the Break Room Easter Eggs

If you’re on the USS Ishimura im Dead Space remake, look at the break room easter egg on the bridge deck. You can grab a cup of coffee, meditate a bit, join a horrific cult that will turn humanity into zombies and/or raw material for a ravenous god, and maybe grab a snack.

Where to find the secrets of the break room in Dead Space Remake?

You can first access the break room on the bridge deck while making your way to the Ishimura’s management systems in Chapter 4. On your first visit, this triggers a conversation between Isaac and Kendra that provides some context to Isaac’s history with Unitology. There are also a marker fragment here further New game+ runs.

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There is a red circle on the floor of the break room that hides three different secrets. You could be totally forgiven for not realizing they were there. There are a lot of random marker graffiti throughout Ishimura.

Some of this graffiti can be decoded into a series of instructions. Standing in the red circle in the middle of the break room and typing a specific sequence of commands denoted by this graffiti will trigger three specific events. One is just plain creepy, one is precious and the third is downright silly.

All three break room command sequences use Isaac’s melee and stomp attacks, represented by handprints and footprints, respectively. You must enter each sequence while Isaac stands in the center of the circle without leaving itso keep an eye on your position.

Isaac’s melee strike with some weapons can move him a step forward, so you might end up stepping a foot outside the circle and interrupting your sequence. If that happens, just start over.

Break Room Easter Egg Sequence 1

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  • Episode 1: Melee, Stomp (x3), Melee, Stomp, Melee, Stomp (x3), Melee, Stomp.

This sequence corresponds to the hand and footprints on the edges of the break room circle (see image above).

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Enter the sequence to trigger a text log to appear on the ground near Isaac’s feet, which will be placed in your inventory under Side Missions. This log, entitled Unknown, is a Unitologist prayer that contains an indirect reference to dead space 3.

Break Room Easter Egg Sequence 2

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  • Episode 2: Melee, melee, stomp, melee, melee, stomp, stomp, melee (x3), stomp, stomp.
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The second code is on the wall of Second Officer J. Chic’s room in the Executive Quarters on the Crew Deck, which is only accessible relatively late in Chapter 10. Perform this sequence in the Break Room and two Power Nodes will appear in the circle with you.

After some testing it seems that you don’t need to make it to chapter 10 for this code to work.

Break Room Easter Egg Sequence 3 (Dead Space Sea Shanty)

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  • episode 3: Melee, Stomp, Melee, Melee, Stomp, Melee, Stomp, Melee (x4), Stomp.

This Easter egg was apparently first discovered by Fool on YouTube. A third and final set of Break Room commands can be found by interpreting six unique graffiti found throughout the game.

This sequence seems to work at any point in the game once you have access to the break room, but if you were doing it “honestly” you won’t be able to find the last piece of code until you reach the hangar control room in Chapter 11 (above pictured), the last inaccessible room on the Ishimura.

All six graffiti pieces are marked with a specific set of three curved lines, which helps distinguish them from all the random marker language and blood spatter. They also catch the light differently than other wall lettering, making them a little easier to spot.

Successfully entering the sequence in the break room will cause an audio log to appear at Isaac’s feet playing a Empty room– Sea shanty on the subject. Honestly, it’s a little out of step (no pun intended?) with the effort it requires.

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How to find them Dead Space remake Break Room Easter Eggs. Man, remember back in 2020 when for some reason we were all crazy about sea shanties? Doesn’t it feel like 30 years ago? We collected more Easter eggs five you may have missed. For more tips and guides on Motive Studios survival horror remake, check out head here.

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