Demonologist: How to Use a Voodoo Doll

Using the voodoo doll demonologist is a surefire way to trick a ghost into chasing you. It can be hard to find and risky to use, but it can be of great help in figuring out where the ghost is hiding. Here’s how to use the voodoo doll demonologist.

How to use the voodoo doll in Demonologist

The straw voodoo doll is found randomly on the map, regardless of which map you play. Unlike real voodoo dolls that require you to stick pins in yourself, this one comes prepped and ready with pins and screws, including one over the little heart. You need a free slot to equip it, but you should also be prepared before using it.

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Using the voodoo doll carries a high level of risk. It directly inflicts varying degrees of pain on the ghost, allowing you to find it when it reacts to the pain.

If you press the left mouse button while the doll is selected, a random nail will be pushed in. You don’t want him to press the pin in over the heart or he’ll immediately start a chase. Unfortunately you have no control over which pin it pushes in, it’s random.

If you want to use the voodoo doll, you should plan ahead. Prepare yourself with a hideout and a crucifix to increase your chances of survival. Due to the high risk involved, the voodoo doll should be used as a last resort to “locate” the whereabouts of the spirit.

How to use the voodoo doll demonologist. When you’re at the end of your tether trying to find the ghost, this can be a valuable tool. However, it carries a high risk. For more help with usage demonologist Check out our tools other leaders.

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