Demonologist Ouija Board Questions Guide

Hello. Good bye. If you want to contact a spirit demonologist, Using the Ouija Board is one of the methods you can use. If you tried the Spirit Box and didn’t get an answer, you might want to try the Ouija board. Here’s how to get one and what questions to ask demonologist.

How to get the Ouija board

The Ouija Board must be found as part of an investigation. How Voodoo doll And tarot cards, it will spawn randomly to help you in your investigation, and you’ll need an empty tool slot to pick it up when you find it. Then you can place it on a surface or simply hold it while moving from room to room while using it.

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How to use the Ouija board in Demonologist

As with the Spirit Box, you’ll need to use your voice to make good use of the Ouija board. Hold the V button to talk and ask him a question, but be careful. Your sanity will decrease while holding the board, even if you’re not using it. You may also be able to provoke the genie into chasing you sooner than it normally would.

Questions about the Demonologist Ouija Board

Currently there are only three questions you can ask a ghost demonologist with the Ouija board.

  • Where are you?
    • This results in a concrete answer, such as the basement or the kitchen.
  • Are you here?
    • This question requires you to go through room by room.
  • How old are you?

Along with these questions you want End your session with “Goodbye“Otherwise, the hunt begins.” If the board breaks or starts to burn, you’ll need to find a hiding place and hope you have your crucifix ready while the ghost hunts you. If you can’t hide, running is the next best option.

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That’s all you need to know about finding and using the Ouija board demonologist. For more help with ghost hunting, see the rest of our leaders.

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