Demonologist Tarot Card Effects Guide

The tarot cards in Demonologist have both positive and negative implications, as the 10-card deck can completely transform an investigation with just a single draw. With a variety of outcomes, you take a risk every time you use the deck. Here are all the effects for the tarot cards in demonologist.

How to use the tarot card deck in Demonologist

Tarot cards are randomly found on the card as your investigation progresses. It can be hard to find as it’s a small item, but it flashes so it’s easier to see in the dark.

To pick up the tarot cards, you need an open equipment slot. Once you’ve equipped and selected the deck, use the left mouse button to drag the top card. Depending on the card’s effect, you may want to keep drawing cards.

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Demonologist tarot card effects

Because each card has a different effect, each draw can have a different effect on the hunt. There are 10 card types in total, and multiple cards of certain cards may appear in the deck you receive.

  • Empty: Wild card with no effect, most common card type. Draw another one.
  • flame of fate: Increases or decreases Sanity.
  • Death: Instantly triggers a hunt with a spirit attack.
  • moon: Decreases sanity.
  • Sun: Increases sanity.
  • The devil: Increases the activity of the mind.
  • Aggressive: Increases the spirit’s aggression.
  • slave: Prevents ghosts from changing rooms.
  • Angel: Revives dead teammate.
  • guillotine: Instant death.

Using a crucifix can negate the effect of death, but drawing the guillotine card will cause the player using the deck to die instantly. If you find the tarot deck early in the game and don’t need it, you can always put it aside in your tent for later.

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Those are all the effects of the tarot cards in demonologist. Using the deck is a bit like gambling: you can win big with Slave and Sun, or lose big with Guillotine and Death. If you need help with other tools like the Ouija board, check out ours demonologist guide library. We swear it’s haunted.

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