Destiny 2: Autumn Wind Pulse Rifle God Roll Guide

Getting the right god rolls for the Autumn Wind Pulse Rifle might not change the way you play destiny 2 PvE, but it can be useful in PvP. Long out of rotation, it’s easy to forget that this is a recreation of the same weapon from the Year 1 Curse of Osiris DLC. In the current competitive Pulse Rifle meta, this is what you’ll want in your armory, especially considering it’s a fantastic primary weapon option for medium to long ranges.

Autumn Wind Pulse Rifle God Rolls in Destiny 2

Don’t expect the Autumn Wind to take PvE by storm. Pulse Rifles are notoriously underperforming when fighting the enemies of humanity, even in the basic Vanguard Ops or Seasonal playlists. They certainly serve a purpose in this part of destiny 2but Herbstwind is in most cases outclassed by more specialized options.

PvP is a whole different story. While Autumn Wind may not be bigger than No Time to Explain (and what can that be?), it’s akin to the real god roll, and since it’s a Legendary your Exotic slot is open to something else.

Autumn Wind PvP God Roll

  • barrel: Arrowhead brake, chambered compensator
  • magazine: Ricochet cartridges, alloy magazine, extended magazine
  • property 1: Rangefinder, Killing Wind
  • property 2: Headseeker, Moving Target, Rampage

You should focus on two main stats when looking for Autumn Wind god scrolls if you focus on PvP: weapon controllability and optimizing your precision damage. Luckily, with a combination of the above benefits, you can get the best of both worlds. Weapon availability is also a priority, and Autumn Wind takes care of that.

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Which perks you choose ultimately comes down to how you want your weapon to feel. A slower, more vigorous fall wind might use Extended Magazine and Rampage; A more mobile version of this Pulse Rifle God Roll could be Alloy Mag and Moving Target.

Autumn Wind PvE God Roll

  • barrel: Arrowhead brake, chambered compensator
  • magazine: Extended Magazine, Ricochet Shells, Armor Piercing Shells
  • property 1: demolitionist, perpetuum mobile
  • property 2: Rampage, frenzy

In most cases, we don’t recommend using the Pulse Rifle weapon class in PvE, but Bungie might update things later and make them outright monsters.

As good as some of the PvE options are in the Autumn Winds perk pool (e.g. demo/frenzy), since it’s a pulse rifle it’s not worth using in the current destiny 2 sandbox. You never know if that will change later.

These are your Autumn Wind god rolls for PvE and PvP. Almost nothing can compete with the right setup, provided you have good aim and they don’t use the potentially broken options like No Time to Explain or a long-range sniper rifle. For more god roll guides, like The immortal, bump in the nightAnd Imperial Decreestay tuned to our destiny 2 leads hub.

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