Destiny 2: Best PvP Weapons, Ranked

destiny 2 PvP is an ever-changing environment. Bungie is nerfing some weapon types, buffing others, and adding more and more weapons and abilities to the game. However, the best PvP weapons have remained relatively unchanged, apart from a few new additions with recent content drops. We’re going to feature the best of them in order of quality in this guide.

The best weapons for PvP in Destiny 2

destiny 2 PvP meta choices typically require a few things: consistency, usability, and effectiveness, with even modest perk choices. When a weapon has perks that elevate it above the rest of its class — and above others of the same type — it quickly lands as the best weapon in the game to use in the Crucible. The weapons presented here currently bear this title.

The immortal SMG

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We named The Immortal in our Power Creep the Gun instructions to get it, and that’s true since Bungie has done nothing to master its power. Thanks to some of the best perks in the game for fast kill time, including Aim Lock, Range Finder, Kill Clip, and Perpetual Motion, if you play a good role this weapon is easily the top weapon in Destiny 2 PvP.

No time to explain the Exotic Pulse Rifle

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Since its introduction in the Beyond Light expansion, the No Time to Explain Exotic Pulse Rifle has been one of the best PvP weapons in destiny 2 and has survived—and even thrived—in the ever-changing sandbox. This is due to its consistent TTK from almost any distance, its incredible ease of use, and its Exotic perk, which summons a space-time rift that shoots more bullets at enemies you’re already shooting at. It won’t compete with the Immortal up close, but if you stick to line of sight there’s no better choice.

Le Monarque Exotic Arch

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One of the oldest destiny 2 Original weapons on our list, Le Monarque appeared in the Black Armory DLC way back and was something of a sleeper hit for a while, with many players looking down on bows as off-meta options. No longer. Combine the fast draw time, powerful headshots, and long-lasting damage over time with a fully drawn precision hit, and you’ve got quite the nuisance on your hands. When paired with a Quickdraw hand cannon, you can double-tap almost any Guardian in under a second.

Matador 64 shotgun

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The “Mapador” as it was known in the original Destiny returned with the Bungie 30th Anniversary Pack and is only available in the Grip of Greed Dungeon. However, if you get the right roles on it – Ricochet Rounds, Perpetuum Motion, and Opening Shot, for example – it can live up to its former glory. Expect one-shot kills from an absolutely ridiculous distance and laugh as your enemies fall.

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Cloudstrike sniper rifle

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Another Beyond Light addition, Cloudstrike is an Arc Exotic Sniper Rifle that doesn’t necessarily rival the speed of a handcrafted Beloved or the sheer stopping power of a 72rpm Snapshot Sights. However, its Exotic perk sends out a lightning storm on every precision kill, which has the potential to take down entire groups of enemy Guardians for the cost of a single shot. And because snipers always shoot with a shot to the head, when you land that headshot you can expect quite the light show.

Sublime Truth hand cannon

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Like The Immortal, you get the Exalted Truth by participating in Trials of Osiris in the Crucible. The Exalted Truth Hand Cannon is probably the best overall weapon of its kind in PvP. There’s nothing remarkable about that. It does not have the exotic advantages of the ace of spades or thorns, nor is it capable of attacking enemies at close range or at long range. But within its kill zone and with good aim, it will reliably triple-tap any Guardian that dares to get between its crosshairs.


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Is it the immortal? No, but the IKELOS SMG is probably a lot easier to get as a World Drop than playing Trials of Osiris, and is almost as good as the current meta king, especially if you managed to craft one during Season of the Seraph. It also pairs well with Arc builds should you decide to use one in the Crucible, and while it’s not the absolute best option, it remains one of the best PvP weapons in destiny 2 nonetheless.

Jet Fusion Rifle

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This weapon was also released in the Black Armory DLC back in the day, and while its use is incredibly niche, it’s also probably the easiest weapon to get kills with. Simply charge and aim in the general direction of your enemies. If they don’t use a movement technique or take cover, the projectile will run towards them easily. You can use Jötunn to get angles quickly, and even if you die to a sniper, chances are you’ll act. Certainly not “honourable” but more fun than it should be.

Dexterity is always a factor in PvP, but you also have a gear advantage when using the best PvP weapons destiny 2. Check out our extensive library destiny 2 Leader here on GameSkinny.

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