Destiny 2 God Roll Guide: How to Get Rufus’s Fury Auto Rifle

Beach guns were in short supply in the early 20th century destiny 2 incidence of light expansion, and that changes as more content is released. One of the best beach guns currently available is the Rufus’ Fury Auto Rifle. Thanks to its awesome perk pool, deep magazine, and ability to craft one for upgraded perks, you’ll definitely want one for your collection. Here’s how to get it and the god buns you want.

How to get the Rufus’s Fury auto rifle

There’s only one place to get a Rufus’s Fury destiny 2: as a reward from the Root of Nightmares raid.. In particular, it is available from the third encounter, planets, and the last encounter against Nezerec. It is a random drop of both, so there’s no guarantee you’ll get one no matter how many times you get the chance.

However, whenever one falls, it can also appear as a red-bordered Deepsight version. Get five of these across multiple raid completions, and you’ll be able to craft a Rufus’s Fury, which can eventually gain upgraded versions of its best perks.

You can also get an Adept version of the weapon from the Master difficulty version of Root of Nightmares. The main difference between the two weapon types is that only Adept weapons can hold Adept mods, which are better versions of the standard mods you can normally equip.

Adept weapons can now be upgraded with improved perks, making them (with the right mods) technically better than crafted weapons. The main downside is that you can’t choose what perks you get, meaning you’re committed to RNG. When it comes to crafting, the choice is yours.

Rufus’ Fury God Rolls for PvE and PvP

Rufus’ Wrath is a solid weapon in both PvE and PvP, although it shines brighter against humanity’s enemies. Auto Rifles have always had, and still do, an odd place in the Crucible, especially with The immortal roll around. However, with the right roles, Rufus’ Fury can rival almost any of the top tier options available today.

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Rufus’ Fury PvE God Roll

  • barrel: Arrowhead Brake, Corkscrew Rifle
  • magazine: Ricochet Bullets, Light Magazine, Large Caliber Bullets
  • property 1: Rebuild, Rewind Rounds, Demolitionist
  • property 2: Target Lock, Hatchling, Frenzy

Rufus’ Fury’s main weakness is its controllability, so anything you can do to help that aspect is ideal. Weapon uptime isn’t usually an issue, but Rufus’ perk pool allows you to give him almost endless power.

Arrowhead Brake and Richochet Rounds give the weapon extra range and stability. Still, the real winners here are the likes of Reconstruction and Target Lock for incredible damage increases and seemingly bottomless magazines. Hatchling and Demolitionist are also fantastic for Grenade-centric Strand builds.

Rufus’ Fury PvP God Roll

  • barrel: Arrowhead Brake, Corkscrew Rifle
  • magazine: Ricochet rounds, high caliber rounds
  • property 1: perpetuum mobile, moving target
  • property 2: Aim lock, tap the trigger

PvP encounters require additional responsiveness and controllability, and both Perpetuum Mobile and Moving Target reinforce your need to stay active while providing benefits for doing so.

Target Lock makes the weapon more powerful the longer you hit an enemy, and the surge begins as soon as your first bullet hits. Tap the Trigger offers some initial controllability when accuracy is more important than damage.

If you have the skill, we highly recommend getting yourself a good Rufus’s Fury auto rifle. The Root of Nightmares Raid is one of them destiny 2is the most accessible, with rewards worth your time. For more God Roll content, check out our guides on Imperial Decree and the autumn wind. Our D2 leads hub also keeps growing.

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