Destiny 2: How to Beat the Cosmic Equilibrium Planet Encounter Challenge

Each encounter in the Root of Nightmares Raid has a unique challenge. Some require more coordination than others to get through. The Cosmic Balance Challenge in the destiny 2 encounter planets isn’t the most complex, but it’s the most technically challenging of them all, and the challenge only makes it more challenging. Here’s how to complete it.

Cosmic Equilibrium Planet Challenge tips and strategies

Completing the Cosmic Equilibrium challenge is a more complicated way of making the encounter regular. For this destiny 2 Guide, we will not only give a complete overview of the Planets section how to complete the challenge.

During the initial alignment phase, instead of simply swapping the light and dark planets in a single sequence:

  • Move everyone planet of light which are out of place on the left to the right.
  • Move everyone Dark Planets that are out of place right to left.

You go through two planetary alignment phases, and since this portion of the encounter runs on a flat three-minute timer once it all starts, you don’t have extra chances and you have to be quick.

Once the middle panel section begins, there is an additional complication.

  • Instead of pulling Dark buff from the right it will be on the left.
  • Your Light buff will be on the right.

How you negotiate this switch with your team depends on what you find most efficient and safe. Deciding whether to keep your planet runners on their new side or trade them back is your choice.

Once you complete the full spin, They can do normal damage. However, if you don’t single phase the boss, you’ll have to complete the challenge conditions again. If you fail either stage, you will have to start the encounter again.

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The Cosmic Equilibrium challenge is the same in both Normal and Master difficulty modes, with the only Master difference being that the Boss Colossus enemies become Barrier Champions.

Completing the Master’s Challenge will earn you a second Adept Weapon Chest. With the ability to upgrade Adept weapons as crafted, getting your hands on two potential Adept god rolls is never a bad idea.

With that, you have everything you need to know to complete the Cosmic Balance challenge in the Root of Nightmares Raid planetary encounter. We’ve covered other endgame challenges here, including full guides for those Grip of Greed Dungeon and a four-part overview of the Tower of the Guardian Dungeon. Visit our for even more content destiny 2 leads hub.

Featured image via Bungie.

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