Destiny 2: How to Claim Lightfall Pre-Order Bonuses and Rewards

If you have pre-ordered it destiny 2 incidence of light Expansion, especially if you’ve bought the Digital Deluxe Edition, be sure to claim your pre-order bonuses and rewards before launching the campaign in earnest. The problem is that it’s not immediately clear where to go to get them.

Luckily, it’s a simple process and worth the few minutes you spend doing it. How to get the incidence of light Bonuses for pre-orders.

How to get the Lightfall pre-order rewards and bonuses

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The process of applying for your incidence of light Pre-order bonuses and rewards are the same as always: Go to the tower and speak to Master Rahool the Cryptarch.

At the top of his menu you will see a section that says “Rahool’s secret hideout.” There you will see all the pre-order items available for you. This also applies if you have pre-ordered the expansion but have not yet played it destiny 2 in a while. Your beach emote, for example, will be waiting there, as will the Quicksilver Storm Exotic Auto Rifle.

If you have any engrams left over from last year, you can turn them in. Do keep your Iron Engrams, however, as they can be used again when Iron Banner activity returns determination in a few weeks.

What are the Destiny 2 Lightfall pre-order bonuses and rewards?


Don’t expect these bonuses to give you too much of an advantage over other Guardians. While the Ascendant Alloy, Ascendant Shard, and Exotic Cipher materials are some of the more difficult to obtain, you can hardly get enough to fully upgrade even a few pieces of armor and a few crafted weapons.

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Quicksilver Storm Exotic

While a neat exotic, the Quicksilver Storm is not necessarily the best endgame option. And if you own the Always On Time Sparrow, you’ll have the fastest ride in the game. The Lightfall Sparrow, dubbed Argent Turbo, doesn’t have the same issue that gives it extra speed, so its only benefit is its new look.

Exotic Ship Tropopause

The new Exotic ship, Tropopause, looks a bit odd, and there are no doubt much more aesthetically pleasing options in the Eververese store if you have the Bright Dust or want to spend some real money on Silver.

Despite these limitations, you can incidence of light Bonuses and rewards for pre-orders. They’re a nice bonus to your collections. While not groundbreaking, they show your commitment to protecting the people of Earth, or at least the Destiny franchise. For more D2 see content our guides hub.

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