Destiny 2: How to Complete the All Hands Challenge

The all hands Challenge is the fourth and final challenge in destiny 2‘s Root of Nightmares Raid. It’s also one of his hardest. Your entire team must understand the mechanics of the Nezerec boss fight in order to complete it properly, although there is a best way to do it. We’re going to cover it in this guide so you can overcome one of the final obstacles to complete the incidence of light Raid and earn the Dream Warrior title.

How to complete the All Hands Challenge in Destiny 2 Root of Nightmares Raid

The All Hands Challenge requires each member of your fireteam to activate both a Light Node and a Dark Node before each DPS phase in the Nezerec boss fight.

That means everyone needs to have at least an idea of ​​how executing the nodes in the encounter works. You also need to be aware of the swarms of Adds and keep Nezerec’s hate at bay.

Here is the main way to complete the challenge.

All Hands Three Swap method

In this strategy, you assign three members of the fireteam a series of nodes on either side.

In this case, the dark side guardian who starts the chain would be a dark one, and its counterpart would be a light one. Alternatively, you can assign each guard a number from one to six and assign even and odd to both sides.

Once the encounter begins, each player on a side shoots their respective nodes one by one, then the person responsible for taking Nezerec’s hatred calls out which refuge you will take. After completing the first three nodes, escape the wipe mechanic and everyone will swap sides.

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The process now repeats itself with nodes four through six. If you get it right, Nezerec will enter its damage phase and you will have to complete the challenge mechanic again.

One thing to note: The timing for activation of the nodes is particularly tight, and you must activate the sixth node on each side essentially simultaneously. Some players report that you also need to keep the same order of players activating their nodes to ensure the challenge completes successfully.

You can complete the All Hands Challenge on Normal and Master difficulties, although the Master awards two Adept weapons instead of one. Don’t worry if this challenge takes a few tries to get right as it’s pretty far from how most teams typically complete this encounter. We’ve covered other challenges in the Root of Nightmares raid here, including crossfire & cosmic balance. If you are looking for additional help destiny 2‘s mountains of content, our D2 leads hub has more.

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