Destiny 2: How to Farm Commendations

The controversial commendation system in destiny 2 probably won’t go anywhere. With mechanics tied to progression Guardian Ranksyou need as many commendations as you can farm.

Farming awards used to be a lot easier, but Bungie made sure to nerf the old cheese pretty quickly. Getting lots of referrals quickly now takes a little more effort and is just a little more interesting. Here’s how.

Best referral farms in Destiny 2

The short version is that there are currently no hyper-efficient farms for awards destiny 2. The previous method of continuously defeating Riven, the final boss of the Last Wish raid, no longer works as there is a significant cooldown for awarding commendations in both raids and dungeons.

Bungie has also drastically reduced the number of Commendation points required for higher Guardian ranks. Farming is less important than it used to be.

The only way to earn Commendations is by playing with other people, so you’ll either need to have a Fireteam of friends or LFG players, or stick to matchmade activities. And as always, the best and easiest farm is to stick to the core ritual playlists: Vanguard Ops, gambitAnd crucible.

Competitive modes are technically better, as more players mean more opportunities to give and receive commendations, but if PvP isn’t an option, Vanguard Ops is your main source.

You can also go inside each one seasonal activity or dares of eternity for relatively consistent player activity. Dares is the better of the two, as it’s also a six-person playlist and you can complete most runs in about ten minutes.

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If you exhaust yourself from the core playlists in destiny 2, you can engage in more challenging and specialized activities. You can still get commendations for doing something raids And dungeon. You just can’t get an effectively infinite amount of it anymore.

The only way to not get Commendations is to complete all of the soloable content in the game: much of Neomuna, everything in a patrol room, Legend/Master Lost Sectors, and solo story campaigns witch queen And incidence of light.

Unfortunately, there isn’t much more to say about farming Commendations in destiny 2 at the moment. When a new cheesy strategy emerges, we’ll update this guide accordingly. Right now, the best way to get more Commendation points is to play the game normally and participate in as many multiplayer activities as possible. When you seek help from others destiny 2 Content, check out our D2 leads hub.

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