Destiny 2: How to Fix Error Code Plum

There are quite a few error codes in there destiny 2, and the Plum error code is one of the nastier ones. It’s not a standard network issue or server issue on Bungie’s side, it’s usually reserved for either something particularly mundane or something more malicious.

There are also a few annoying reasons why the error code Plum might pop up. How you fix it depends on its cause, although it can be difficult to know which cause it is.

Fixing the error code Plum in Destiny 2

BattleEye conflicts or PC updates

The Plum error code has two main causes, according to the official Bungie help page.

  • BattleEye: It is possible that BattleEye that destiny 2 Kernel-level anti-cheat, has detected an issue with your computer that may violate Bungie’s Terms of Service.
  • Update: It is also possible that your Windows or other PC services need to be updated.

Error Code Plum could end up being the end of the anti-cheat, especially after a major game update. Some new code in there destiny 2 may not initially cooperate with BattlEye or vice versa. It’s also possible that BattlEye has a brief seizure himself.

In the latter case, there isn’t really anything you can do until the anti-cheat vendor posts an update on their site or otherwise fixes the problem.

If you know your PC is up to date with all of its drivers and other software, and you’re not using a program that’s triggering an anti-cheat flag, then something else is wrong.

Other Possible Fixes for Error Code Plum

  • Disable third party overlays like Nvidia Shadowplay, OBS, Discord or other similar software.
  • Disable other open programs that use the Internet or that you might interact with destiny 2.
  • Uninstall and reinstall Destiny 2 to update BattleEye.
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If the problem persists for more than an hour or so, go to the official Bungie Help Twitter accountbecause that’s where destiny 2The support engineers at release important notes on error code breakouts that occur from time to time.

Hope you found this guide helpful in solving your error code plum problems even if you just have to wait for the problem. Error codes are a frustrating and unfortunate part of a live service game that’s always online destiny 2, and there is only a limited amount we can do to mitigate any issues that arise. For more information about the game, our D2 leads hub has more.

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