Destiny 2: How to Fix the Invisibilty Bug

If you played any destiny 2 since the release of the Lightfall expansion, especially if you play PvP, you’ve probably seen players go invisible, or almost so. You may also have seen your weapon disappear from the first-person view. This is a known bug that is currently ravaging the game, and while we generally know what causes it, fixing the issue is a bit of a hassle. How to fix the invisibility error.

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How to fix the invisibility error in Destiny 2

Currently the only way is to fix that destiny 2 Invisibility error is to restart your game. It doesn’t affect your gameplay aside from being visually annoying, and it’s not the fault of the anti-cheat or any other outside force. The issue is apparently caused by the newly introduced commendation system, with some interaction between the new screen and the game’s character models causing those models to disappear.

The problem is especially common after you’ve played even a single Crucible match or other six-player activity. There seems to be an unclear threshold for commendations given and sent which, once exceeded, causes the invisibility bug to appear. Once you have the error, it will continue to get worse and affect your experience more and more until you restart the game.

The bug appears to only affect player models. So if you are in the middle of a PvE activity and the problem starts, you can safely complete your work before starting over.

The official The Bungie Support Twitter account noted the issue on March 3rd but did not give a timetable for when the problem would be fixed. Since the commendation system is brand new destiny 2 and likely has some weird interactions under the hood with other parts of the game, this issue will take some time to resolve.

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Meanwhile, when you encounter the invisibility error destiny 2, restart your game. NO destiny 2 Expansion or seasonal update ships without at least a couple of wrenches in the gearbox, and Lightfall is no exception. If you want to learn more about content that works in the game, read on our D2 leads hub.

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