Destiny 2: How to Get Circular Logic and God Rolls

Machine guns have seen a major resurgence destiny 2 after significant buffs with the Lightfall expansion. With the addition of the beach element, there are new ways to play with them. The circular logic is one such weapon, a beach machine gun with some of the best PvE options for a machine gun in the game. It’s also not a problem in PvP if used correctly. Here’s how to get it and what god scrolls to look for.

How to get the Circular Logic machine gun in Destiny 2

In contrast to the Iterative loop fusion rifle or Round Robin Hand Cannon, there is no guaranteed way to farm the circular logic. The randomness of how you get it can make earning a craftable version a real nuisance. Getting the five Deepsight Resonant versions of the weapon can be a huge pain, but for a Strand build it’s hard to beat.

Here are the top three ways to mount a Circular Logic machine gun destiny 2:

  • As a reward for completing a legend patrol. These yellow icon patrols rarely spawn in the current Vex Incursion zone, and completing them always awards a Neomuna weapon that has a chance to be Deepsight-enhanced.
  • Out of the locked chest at the end of a Terminal Overload activity.
  • Go berserk in Neomuna Vendor Engrams from Rank 30 reputation. These also have the opportunity to be Deepsight-enhanced.

Circular Logic Machine Gun PvE and PvP God Rolls

Machine guns are no longer the black sheep of destiny 2 PvE and PvP. While most aren’t well-suited for things like boss DPS or taking on enemy Guardians, Circular Logic holds its own in either activity, either as added control or additional damage.

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you will want it primarily optimize its controllability, since it has some kick. Damage output is a close second.

Circular Logic PvE God Roll

  • barrel: Arrowhead brake, chambered compensator
  • magazine: Extended magazine, armor-piercing rounds
  • property 1: Jealous Assassin, Feeding Frenzy
  • property 2: Cub, Target Lock, Demolitionist

The Strand-exclusive Hatchling perk on a machine gun allows for an almost infinite number of Threadlings to be spawned, and if you pair it with either Envious Assassin’s magazine overflow or Feeding Frenzy’s faster reload, your damage availability will be massive.

Target Lock is a great secondary option for sustained damage, and Demolitionist pairs well with grenade-centric builds.

Circular Logic PvP God Roll

  • barrel: Arrowhead Break, Corkscrew Rifle
  • magazine: Armor-piercing shells, ricochet shells
  • property 1: Keep your distance, off hand strike
  • property 2: Target Lock, Vorpal Weapon

There aren’t that many high-profile PvP god-roll options for Circular Logic, but if you have a combination of the above perks and stay at a moderate distance from your enemies, taking them out at range can be a dream come true.

With the god rolls described here, you can honor the latest machine gun destiny 2 into almost any activity and do it well. The Circular Logic is also craftable, so you can have one if you want a version for both PvE and PvP. For more god roll guides, check out our articles on the ruling, Eyaslunaand the Catastrophic. Our D2 leads hub also has additional content to see.

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