Destiny 2: How to Get Iterative Loop and God Rolls

There aren’t many valued Rapid-Fire Frame Fusion Rifles out there destiny 2, and even less with Arc. new in incidence of light Extension is Iterative Loop, which ticks both boxes. It comes with a solid perk pool to boot. It’s also very useful in PvP and PvE, with no real specialty like many other fusion rifle options. Find out how to get it and what god rolls you want here.

How to get an iterative loop in Destiny 2

There are few ways to get Iterative Loop. The most consistent is the quest From Zero… which you can start at the beginning of the incidence of light Campaign. Completing it with all three characters will grant you three Deepsight versions of the Fusion Rifle.

Beyond the quest, Iterative Loop becomes much more difficult to find. The best ways are:

  • As a reward for Complete a Legend Patrol. These yellow icon patrols rarely spawn in the current Vex Incursion zone, and completing them always awards a Neomuna weapon that has a chance to be Deepsight-enhanced.
  • From the locked chest at the end of a terminal congestion activity.
  • By getting in Neomuna Merchant Engrams once you reach Rank 30 reputation. These also have the opportunity to be Deepsight-enhanced.

Destiny 2 Iterative Loop Fusion Rifle God Rolls

As a rapid-fire frame, iterative loop needs two things above all: range and controllability. Anything else you can add to its killing potential is gravy. Thankfully, no matter what activity you choose to engage in, this weapon delivers.

Iterative Loop PvP God Roll

  • barrel: Arrowhead drag, extended barrel
  • magazine: Accelerated coils, liquid coils
  • characteristic 1: Under pressure, deadly wind
  • property 2: Kickstart, Adagio
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Arrowhead Brake remains a top perk, but Extended Barrel gives Iterative Loop quite a bit more range to play. Your choice of Accelerated or Liquid Coils will depend on whether you prefer speed or stopping power.

While Under Pressure is a more consistent Fusion Rifle perk in Crucible, Killing Wind can be a godsend for the aggressive player. Kickstart requires sprinting and sliding; If you can fit both into your playstyle, prepare to slaughter. Killing Wind is good if you manage to get a kill.

Iterative Loop PvE God Roll

  • barrel: As PvP
  • magazine: Accelerated coils, improved battery
  • property 1: Compulsive Reloader, Killing Wind
  • property 2: Voltshot, Demolitionist

Your Iterative Loop PvE playstyle is similar to PvP, but with higher difficulty content you want something that gives you more freedom to take up the space. Accelerated Coils and Extended Barrel are good for this, and Compulsive Reloader will help you charge up and keep moving.

Killing Wind and Enhanced Battery are for more aggressive play when you’re confident of getting a kill. Voltshot is by far the best choice for the second trait, as it’s great for both sustained damage and crowd control, but Demolitionist is a good addition if you’re building around grenades.

Hopefully you can land or even craft a version of the Iterative Loop using a combination of these god roll perks and guarantee yourself what you want. We’ve covered many others destiny 2 gun god rolls, including The immortalThe Imperial Decreeand the Eyasluna. Our D2 leads hub has much more.

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