Destiny 2: How to Get the Xenophage Exotic Machine Gun

Xenophage is a top-tier exotic heavy machine gun and has been in the since its inception Shadow Fortress Extension. Although there are more optimal DPS options destiny 2, you will want to know how to get this weapon. That’s because Xenophage has high burst potential and relatively good ammo economy. How to complete The Journey Exotic quest.

How to get Xenophage Exotic Machine Gun in Destiny 2

To get Xenophage you must Complete an exotic quest called The Journey. Even starting the quest is a bit complicated. We’ll go through all the steps below.

How to start the journey quest in Destiny 2

To start The Journey Exotic quest, make sure you own it Shadow Fortress extension, then head to Sorrow’s Harbor on the moon.

Travel to the northern edge of the area and enter Scarlet Hold by taking the leftmost door. Walk until you reach a bright green-lit hallway and look for another passageway in the top-right wall.

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Jump into the passage and follow it until you reach the chamber where you can see the Pyramid of the Moon and two Hive statues on either side.

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To complete the first step of The Journey quest, Activate the statues in the correct order. When you get close to them, the message “Emerge from the Dark” will appear.

The correct order is below. take these positions “back” is the side closest to the pyramid. Upon correct activation, a hidden chest will appear. Open it to start the Journey quest in earnest.

  • Front right
  • Back left
  • Back right
  • Front left

How to Complete Emergence: The Journey Step 1

The first step of The Journey Xenophage Exotic quest is called Emergence. Go to the Anchor of Light area to the right of the Moon. Go to the northwestern part under the large, multi-story Fallen structure. There is a small room with a fiery altar.

You will light a total of 6 braziers in this step. Pick up the light to activate a 60-second timer. Each brazier you light resets the timer to 60 seconds.

Brazier location #1

Gamepur screenshot

Go to the small unlit brazier on the ground nearby and light it to refresh your timer.

Brazier location #2

Gamepur screenshot

Exit the small room and hang to the left. When you see the other orange fallen building, bear left. On a platform above a crate covered with a blue tarp is the second brazier.

Brazier location #3

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From the second brazier, turn around to the small room opposite the large circular structure. The brazier is hidden in a dark corner.

Brazier location #4

Screenshot of GameSkinny

Go through the opposite opening from where you entered and head towards the multi-story Trap building. Climb the support beams to find the next brazier at a crest on the edge of the structure. You can also light this brazier from below if you have trouble reaching the bars yourself.

Brazier location #5

Screenshot of GameSkinny

From the trap building, head straight across the area to a small structure with two large generators. The next brazier is on your left.

Brazier Location #6

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Jump onto the large circular building for the final brazier. It’s in the middle of the roof.

Once you’ve lit all the braziers, you’ll have one more place to go, but infinite time to get there.

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From the circular building, head back to the first and fourth braziers in the multi-story Fallen building. Instead of going all the way there, stop near the cliff next to a Hive altar sticking out of the ground. Put down the light.

How to complete Pathfinder: The Journey Step 2

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The second step of The Journey’s quest for the Xenophage is a bit more straightforward than the first. Your task during Pathfinder is twofold:

  • Complete all four Lost Sectors on the Moon
  • Solve a short rune puzzle after the last loot chest

Complete each Lost Sector and loot the final chest to unlock the ability to safely complete the puzzle. The puzzle solutions are shown below as positions and as numbers as you would see them on a phone. You simply shoot the runes in the following order:

K1 Communion in Anchor of Light rune puzzle solution

  • 7 or bottom left
  • 9 or bottom right
  • 2 or top center
  • 2 or top center

K1 Logistics in Archer’s Line Rune Puzzle Solution

  • 1 or top left
  • 7 or bottom left
  • 5 or middle
  • 6 or center right

K1 Revelation in Sorrow’s Harbor Rune Puzzle Solution

  • 4 or center left
  • 5 or middle
  • 5 or middle
  • 6 or center left
  • 2 or mid top
  • 8 or middle below
  • 5 or middle
  • 6 or center right
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Quarters of the K1 crew in the Hellmouth Rune puzzle solution

  • 3 or top right
  • 4 or center left
  • 5 or middle
  • 8 or bottom center
  • 9 or bottom right
  • 9 or bottom right
  • 8 or bottom center
  • 8 or bottom center

How to Complete Descent: The Journey Step 3

Steps three, four, and five – Descent, Discovery, and Volmar the Tempted – all take place within the Pit of Heresy Dungeon. You only need to complete one of the four main encounters in the dungeon. We’ve covered everything you need to know Pit of Heresy in our complete walkthrough.

For step three of the journey, Descent, complete the first encounter and continue until you reach the door wall. Instead of going down and right to the ogre maze, look up and left.

Seek the one door without a rune above it. If you use the door directly in front of you as a starting point, the door you want is one level up and two columns to the left.

Screenshot of GameSkinny

Go up to the door and go inside. Inside is a Hive runestone that you can interact with, which will grant you the next step in the quest, Discovery.

How to complete Discovery: The Journey Step 4

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Go into the Ogre Maze for Discovery. Instead of ducking into the middle caves, keep left until you reach the cliff. Jump down onto the lower platform until you reach a slab in the ground covered in Hive runes.

Activate the plate to raise three floating platforms out of the abyss, with another orb of light on the last platform. Grab the ball of light, go back to the main area and go right.

Take the tunnels to the right until you see red-lit doors flanked by braziers like the ones you lit at the start of The Journey quest. You can interact with the second door; Don’t worry if the prompt doesn’t fill out correctly. Interact with both braziers to continue to the next step.

How to Defeat Volmar the Tempted: The Journey Step 5

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Go through the small maze until you reach a starting area four hive runes in each corner. These are the four elemental dread buffs that you will be using in the boss fight that is coming up soon.

As soon as you enter the next room, Volmar the tempted appears, a boss-level hive wizard that is completely invincible at first.

You and each member of your fireteam receive one fear buff based on one of the four damage elements available during Shadowkeep:

  • Kinetic (Neutral Terror)
  • Void (Abyssal Terror)
  • Arc (Thundering Terror)
  • Solar (Fiery Terror)

To damage the boss you must collect the ball of light in the center of the arena and then interact with the right rune to activate it and deal damage.

  • abysmal fear: Top left of the upper platform
  • Thundering Terror: Lower left in the basement
  • fiery fear: Upper right on the lower floor
  • neutral fear: Bottom right on the upper platform

Once you immerse the light, you can damage the boss, but only with the element specified in your dread buff. All other items are registered as immune. Repeat this process as many times as it takes to kill Volmar – and don’t die. A full team wipe (or a single death in solo mode) sends you back to where the fight started.

Once Volmar dies and you continue the quest, you can exit the Pit of Heresy dungeon. Nothing else matters here to get Xenophage.

How to complete Finality: The Journey Step 6

Screenshot of GameSkinny

All step six entails is Visiting Eris Morn and collect your reward: the Xenophage Exotic Heavy Machine Gun.

The Xenophage machine gun you receive is not a Pinnacle or Powerful drop. It will be awarded on Your current performance level. You don’t have to claim it right away unless you want to save it to fill a power gap as you tweak your leveling. However, you can always infuse it again later, allowing you to get the most out of the weapon as you play.

And this is how you can complete The Journey quest and get the Xenophage Exotic Machine Gun. If you are looking for additional help destiny 2‘s collection of exotics, check out ours megaphone, uncompleted taskAnd winter bite Exotic weapon guides. Our D2 leads hub has much more.

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