Destiny 2: How to Get Wish-Ender Exotic Bow

The Wish-Ender Exotic Bow is one of the oldest and most powerful bows in the world destiny 2. It hails from the Forsaken expansion and remains one of the most effective exotic primaries available today provided you use it correctly. With the ability to identify enemies through walls, built-in anti-barrier arrows, and damage that surpasses almost any other bow, it’s well worth your time to acquire. Here’s how to get it.

How to get the Wish-Ender Exotic Bow destiny 2

Most importantly, make sure you own the Forsaken pack on your platform of choice. It costs $19.99 and you get the Dreaming City objective, the Last Wish Raid, and most importantly, the Shattered Throne Dungeon. We will not go into how to complete the dungeon here, we will only describe the steps for the Wish Ender quest.

Also note that you need four open slots in your quest inventory and a single empty slot in your primary weapon inventory. If your quest inventory doesn’t have enough space, you won’t be able to store all the items you need to get Wish-Ender and you’ll run the dungeon way more than necessary.

To begin the quest for Wish-Ender, go to the tower and the kiosk to the left of the Postmaster. Select the box on the bottom left and pick up the Wish-Ender quest.

You will be asked “Give this talisman to an Awakened Warrior” in the Shattered Throne dungeon. For this you must complete the activity after the Vorgeth boss fight and interact with the Sjur Eido statue holding the bow. This gives you three tokens:

  • The dreaming sign of Querim
  • The dreaming sign of Eriviks
  • The dreaming sign of Xavoth

To earn the Wish-Ender you must awaken each token by defeating these three hidden bosses scattered throughout the Shattered Throne. You don’t need to complete the dungeon to get the bow, as once all the tokens are awakened, all you have to do is interact with the Sjur Eido statue a second time.

How to awaken the mark of Querim

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Shortly after the dungeon starts, defeat the first wave of adds in the Erebus encounter, then instead of going to the icon platform, go left towards the Tower of the Deep. Climb onto the head of the Awakened statue buried in the rock, then jump over to the platform behind it.

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You’ll pick up a glowing orb at the back of the platform, then jump back onto the statue’s head and across to the platform above the entrance to the area. Place the orb in the smaller Awoken statue at the back of the platform.

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At this point, two giant minotaurs will appear. One of them is Querim, the awakening one. Destroy it and its partner to get Querim’s Awakening Mark.

How to awaken the token of Eriviks

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The most complicated step in the Wish-Ender quest to earn Eriviks Awakening Token, complete the Erebus encounter after getting Querim’s Awakening Token and proceed to the Descent part of the dungeon. When you reach the rafters with the Taken Ogres.

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Clear out the ogres to the thrallway, then return to the entrance. The second orb is to the right of the launch platform, behind a pillar.

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Carry the orb to the opposite wall, where there are two more sets of small Awoken statues. You have to jump to the far left to deposit, and you’ll get a voice guidance from Riven when you’re in the right area.

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You don’t want to die (or delete team) until you’ve defeated Eriviks, as this will reset all orbs, and if you jump off the Thrallway ledge and die at any point before Eriviks dies, you’ll have to restart the whole dungeon .

With that in mind, head into the thrallway and then into the first alcove on the right to the third orb.

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You need to carry the orb all the way through the thrallway, then jump down – right again – and deposit the orb in the small Awoken statue.

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Go through the exit from the statues, and instead of turning right to continue the dungeon, a new door will open right in front of you. This is the arena of Eriviks.

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Jump onto the central platform to start the fight, then immediately jump back to the sides as hordes of Taken Psions begin to ambush you. After about two-thirds of them are defeated, Eriviks appear but do not leave the central area. Eliminate the remaining Psions, defeat the boss and you will receive the Eriviks Awakening Token.

How to awaken the mark of Xavoth

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Go to the Vorgeth encounter and begin it as usual. Kill the wizards, collect markers and dunk Burdens. But instead of dealing damage to the boss right away, look for a red bar minotaur that spawns near the back of the room called Fleeting Shadow.

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Killing the shadow will spawn the final orb.

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Take the orb and go down the right side of the room. You will pass a first set of small Awoken statues and the deposit point belongs to the second set.

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Once you deposit, Xavoth, Awakening will appear. It’s also a boss-level ogre and tends to stay close to Vorgeth, but it’s much weaker than the Shattered Throne boss and lacks an immunity shield. Defeat it to get the Sign of Awakening from Xavoth.

How to get the Wish-Ender

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Defeat Vorgeth with all three tokens in your inventory and head back to the Sjur Eido Statue. She will say a few words, then you can approach the exotic bow and collect it. You can leave the Shattered Throne at this point if you wish, as competition is not a requirement to get or keep Wish-Ender.

Now you can take your new weapon into the field, where one of its most powerful areas in higher difficulty Nightfalls is, thanks to its high damage, intrinsic anti-barrier and the ability to see through walls when fully drawn.

The Wish-Ender is great for activities like the Proving Grounds Grandmaster Nightfall and can even be good in other master level challenges like the Root of Nightmares Raid. For more destiny 2 For quest content like this, check out our guides to the quests winter bite And megaphone Tasks. Our D2 leads hub has more.

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