Destiny 2: Imperial Decree Shotgun God Roll Guide

Introduced long ago in the Season of Opulence and finally reintroduced with Season of Defiance, the Imperial Decree shotgun is a threat to the destiny 2 Crucible. It doesn’t have that much immediate use in PvE activities, but a few throws make it workable enough. If you get the God Roll for PvP, this weapon will be worth its weight in the gold it’s gilded with, and as a craftable weapon, it’s well worth investing in Defiant Engrams.

Destiny 2 Imperial Decree God Rolls

A shotgun’s greatest weakness is its range stat, so your priority on any Imperial Decree God Roll will almost always be maximizing its lethal range. The Imperial Decree doesn’t have many standard barrel perks that you’d want, so we’ll have to settle for what’s on offer.

Imperial Decree PvP God Roll

  • barrel: Smoothbore, Rifled Barrel
  • magazine: Accurate rounds, attack magazine
  • property 1: Slideshot, Threat Detector, Surplus
  • property 2: opening shot, swashbuckler

Without Arrowhead Break, which takes the easy top spot in this Imperial Decree God Roll, and without a few other top-notch range perks, we’re left with some choices we wouldn’t otherwise have.

In fact, there aren’t many ways to improve Imperial Decree handling, so you’ll probably use it as your primary in PvP until you die or run out of grenades. But this god scroll will help.

Imperial Decree PvE God Roll

  • barrel: Smoothbore, Barrel Shroud
  • magazine: As PvP
  • characteristic 1: Self-loading holster, surplus, pugilist
  • characteristic 2: Trench Barrel, Swashbuckler, Surrounded

As a slow-firing pump-action shotgun, the Imperial Decree suffers compared to other, more optimal PvE options. That doesn’t mean you can’t use it against the enemies of mankind; You just have to specialize a little.

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Your focus with a PvE Imperial Decree is twofold: ammo availability and single-shot damage output. Most combinations of the above perks will achieve both.

Concentrate on getting some of it destiny 2 Imperial Decree God Rolls listed here and you will do well provided you use them for the activities they were designed for. Even if you don’t get the optimal setup, the Imperial Decree is still an absolute monster for damage output and one-shot-kill potential. Check out our articles for more God Roll guides The immortal, the EyaslunaAnd bump in the night. Our destiny 2 leads hub has more.

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