Destiny 2 Lightfall: Best Iron Banner Weapons Ranked

destiny 2Iron Banner weapons have had a mixed track record, with some helping to define metas and others being virtually worthless outside of niche situations. That’s mostly the case these days. Here’s our list of the best Iron Banner weapons to use destiny 2 Today.

Best Iron Banner Destiny 2 Light Fall weapons, ranked

We rank each weapon based on its usability in PvE and PvP. While none of the current Iron Banner options are particularly effective at either type of activity, their usefulness is a simple, measured metric.

1. The withered reprimand

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Fusion Rifles have long been a strong choice in both PvE and PvP, and while there are better options overall for one or the other, the Wizened Rebuke holds its own no matter where you use it.

Its effectiveness is due in part to its Void Element synergy with tons of potential builds and its decent perk pool. Its base stats aren’t to be scoffed at either, with its only major weakness being its slow loading time.

2. The dark decider

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Auto rifles have always had an odd place in Destiny 2’s sandbox, but they’ve always been a solid choice when playing to their strengths.

Dark Decider’s ability to roll with Voltshot makes it strong in PvE, and its suite of PvP perks is pretty strong too. Its massive magazine and solid base stats give it great value no matter where you take it.

3. The hero’s burden

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This Void SMG would rank higher if it retained its previous perks, but unfortunately Destabilize Rounds isn’t a replacement for Repulsor Brace. Still, the Hero’s Burden is a great workhorse SMG for Void builds, especially ones with easy access to other ways to activate fugitive rounds.

4. Bear’s roar

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There are tons of awesome rocket launcher options no matter what activity you’re playing, making it hard to suggest Bear’s Roar, even with its updated perks.

In a world where the Two-Tailed Fox with his Catalyst, Gjallarhorn, Bump in the Night, and Hothead are easily accessible for PvE, maybe you can only use Roar in PvP. It can shine in that role provided you reach for heavy ammo when it’s high and have a great PvP roll.

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5. Jorum’s Claw

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Unfortunately, Pulse Rifles can be wet noodles in PvE, but Jorum’s Claw’s high-quality perk pool – which includes Incandescent Bulbs, Iron Reach, and Moving Target – gives it plenty of versatility.

It’s stronger overall in the Crucible, but when Bungie eventually drops pulse rifles against PvE enemies, it’ll be pretty nice to have a good Jorum Claw on hand.

6. Bite of the fox

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There’s little about the bite of the Fox sniper rifle worth writing home about in PvE. It lacks any sustain and burst damage potential required of an endgame option, and is outperformed by even mediocre PvE options in almost every way.

Legendary sniper rifles have never really been the core of a DPS phase destiny 2, and the absence of Bite of the Fox in PvE is almost entirely dwarfed by its potential in the Crucible. Snapshot Sights and Moving Target on a Sniper? Yes, please.

7. Allied demand

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Sidearms are the forgotten child of the destiny 2 Sandbox few of which ever grabbed enough attention to be remembered, let alone cherished. The Allied Demand is one of the most forgetful of a large group of mediocre weapons.

While you can use it in PvP with some effectiveness against the IKELOS SMG or the Immortal and the dozens of other more optimal options, this weapon should be a tough pass no matter what you do.

And that’s our ranking of current Iron Banner weapons. It’s a bit of a mixed bag, but Iron Banner has been one for a while. If you want more information about other weapons in fate 2, Check out our guides the mercury stormThe Eyaslunaand the Imperial Decreeamong many other weapons guides in ours D2 leads hub.

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