Destiny 2 Lightfall: How to Beat Tormentors

destiny 2 Tormentors are the newest boss in the incidence of light Extension. Deadly and intimidating, they often travel in pairs. Worse, they are masters of Void energy, have a grapple attack that deals massive damage, and have the power to knock Guardians out of their supers and abilities.

The destiny 2 This guide will cover their attacks and weaknesses, the best strategy if you want to know how to beat Tormentors, all the tips you need as you continue playing Classic or Legendary difficulty.

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How to defeat tormentors in Destiny 2 Lightfall

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No matter when or how you fight them, all of these enemies essentially work the same. Understanding them is the first step to knowing how to defeat tormentors.

tormentor attacks

  • Have a giant scythe they use to attack.
  • Emit sword rays with void damage.
  • Summons a portal that emits Void Beams in a radius around them.
  • Perform a slam attack that suppresses.

Even tormentors have their grip, which is a 360 degree hitbox. If you see the animation for this, be anywhere but next to them.

After you damage them enough, they become much more aggressive and will actively attack you, regardless of their surroundings or the damage coming their way.

Tormentor Weak Points: Aim for the shoulders, then the chest

Harming a tormentor is difficult. When they first appear, you’ll see that both are theirs The shoulders are big and glowing. These areas are their only weak points.

Her head, chest, and limbs are highly resistant to any type of damage except your Super. If enough damage is dealt to a weak spot, it will shattermomentarily staggering the enemy.

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Once you’ve destroyed both of her shoulders, the chest becomes his weak pointand aggression increases.

Precision damage is the best option to deal with them at this point. Despite their high damage resistance, Tormentors have a very small health pool for the threat they otherwise pose.

The best way to kill tormentors

  • Stay mobile.
  • Stay in midfield.
  • Use sniper rifles or linear fusion rifles.
  • Use your super.
  • Avoid the Tormentor’s slam attack.
  • Abuse opponent’s AI.

The best strategy for defeating a tormentor is it Stay mobile and in midfield, with precision weapons like sniper rifles and linear fusion rifles to deal continuous burst damage.

Your Great ability is also a great strategy while it’s up but when the tormentor grabs or deploys you slam attackit will crush you and knock you out of your super prematurely.

You can also abuse the enemy’s AI, by directing it to an area where you can do as much damage as possible with little danger to yourself. If you catch them spawning and have your Super or other burst damage option, you can burn them down before they become a major threat.

This is how you punch in Tormentors destiny 2. Your first fight will likely end up requiring you to be revived or running for a few moments. Once you’ve removed a few of them, it quickly becomes old hat. For more Destiny 2 Lightfall Contents, Check out our guides hub for the game.

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