Destiny 2 Lightfall: How to Complete Headlong Quest and Solve Vex Puzzles

In contrast to the witch queen campaign, the destiny 2 incidence of light The story sheds some light on the raid or dungeon style encounters and puzzles, but there is one that will require a little thought to overcome. The penultimate mission, Headlong, has several doors blocked by Vex energy, and you’ll need to solve a quick but tricky Vex puzzle to open them. The final encounter of the mission is also a sucker, so we’ll cover that here as well.

How to complete headlong missions and solve Vex puzzles in Destiny 2 Lightfall

Most of the headlong mission is straightforward. Defeat enemies, keep learning how to use Strand, and don’t die often. The two caveats are the Vex door puzzles and the final encounter.

The Vex puzzles are actually very simple. When you arrive at a blocked path, eliminate the enemies waiting nearby. Then several orange harpies will spawn. One set will glow – cation harpies – and the other set will not: these are anion harpies.

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There will also be three glowing crystals above the blocked path. You must defeat the harpies in the correct order to fully clear the path. The order is present in the brightness of the crystals.

Light ones mean you’re shooting at cation – dark ones at anion. So start shooting each harpy in turn, then look to the bottom left of your screen. If you shoot the right one, you’ll see a message that says “Vex input accepted!”.

If you were wrong, either because you made a mistake or a weapon or ability effect killed the wrong harpy, you will receive the message “Vex input error. Vex Lock Reset.” At this point, you’ll need to start the whole process over again.

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You will solve this Vex door puzzle three times in Headlong, each time requiring an additional Harpy. We recommend using a primary weapon that doesn’t cause explosions or damage-over-time effects, as these can lead to unplanned resets.

When you reach the final section of Headlong, where you’ll find yourself in a small arena with a rotating laser wall, you’ll need to defeat four waves of Vex enemies and then a big Minotaur boss. We don’t recommend using your Super here if you’re a Titan or Hunter, as exploding fanatics will spawn during the boss phase.

Use a grenade launcher or rocket launcher like Anarchy or Gjallarhorn to take out masses of enemies at once and keep moving constantly. Use the free Beach Grab Points to stay mobile and equip Sniper Resistance mods to alleviate the constant Hobgoblin spam. The less time you spend in that room on the floor, the better. Note that the hitbox on the back of the laser wall is larger than expected, so stay further away from it.

Once you complete Headlong, there is only one mission left incidence of light Campaign, and with that, you’ll have unlimited access to Strand and can start realizing its full potential. If you want even more coverage incidence of light extension or destiny 2 basically check out our guides hub.

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