Destiny 2 Lightfall: How to Complete the Unfinished Business Exotic Quest

Unfinished Business is a post-campaign quest in Destiny 2: Lightfall you’ll get your hands on one of the expansion’s exotic flagships. Dubbed the Deterministic Chaos, this exotic LMG fires to its own beat, weakening on the fourth hit and causing a fleeting explosion on the 16th. The quest is longer and will take a lot from you, but the weapon is worth it. Here are all the steps to complete Unfinished Business.

How to complete Unfinished Business exotic quest in Destiny 2 Lightfall

You can start the Unfinished Business Exotic Quest shortly after completing it incidence of light Campaign on both difficulty levels. The first step is unlocked after the final cutscene.

Unfinished business Step 1

Visit the Hall of Heroes. The door at the back of the removed room will have a quest marker. Approach the door and interact with Nimbus for another cutscene.

Unfinished Business Step 2

Meet with Nimbus. He will be back on the ledge in Strider’s Gate.

Unfinished business step 3

This is where it gets interesting. This part has two tasks.

Collect Cipher Qubits from Vex. Defeat Vex anywhere on Neomuna and they will drop materials for you to pick up in the world.

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Extract Rohan’s data from cloud accretion. Cloud accretion is the planetary material for Neomuna.

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You’ll find it in all zones, it’s a tiny crystalline grass-like structure and we have a guide to it here. The more Cipher Qubits you have, the more data you can extract.

On the third line of the step screen you can see how many times you can extract. Every 1x you have is a single extraction.

Unfinished Business Step 4

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Found the last data package in Maya’s Refuge. You drive east of Límíng Harbor through the cave system at the extreme end of the area. You went to Maya’s Refuge during the campaign: it’s the large open arena where you fought a tormentor.

Uncompleted business step 5

Extract the last data package in Maya’s Refuge. Clear any Vex that appear there and claim the data from Vex Conflux.

Unfinished business step 6

Regroup with Nimbus and Osiris at the radiosonde. Also near the Port of Límíng, follow the markers into the building complex, past the breakable doors and several Vex waves. You’ll eventually need to start clearing rooms of Vex for a few unbreakable doors to open.

Unfinished business step 7

Retrieve a Vex Compass from the Lost Sector of the Thrilladrome in Límíng Harbor. Complete the entire Lost Sector and open the last chest for the compass.

Unfinished business step 8

Create chaos in Ahimsa Park. Defeat the Shadow Legion cabal in Ahimsa Park and you will gain additional progress by defeating them with abilities: grenades, charged melee and supers.

Unfinished business step 9

From Ahimsa Park, take the path into Calus’ Typhon Emperor ship. Walk through it until you reach a glowing yellow portal, then go through it. You end up in the room you had to flee to at the beginning of the campaign.

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You must eliminate all enemies on the ground floor to drop the shields on either side of the chamber. Gather the energy from both sides once the shields are down and you’ll get the Silverwing Seed.

Unfinished Business Step 10

Return to Nimbus in Striders Gate to build the Master Key. Exactly what it says. Fast travel back to the Sims and speak to Nimbus there.

Uncompleted business step 11

Complete the mission “What Remains”.

The flag that starts the mission is on the way to Maya’s Retreat. Once in the mission you will find yourself in the Black Garden and follow the path you take through the Garden of Salvation Raid in reverse.

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Your first stopping point is a large chamber with a flow of Radiolaria in the center.

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You must destroy the Conflux Cubes marked on your HUD as they control the large shield blocking your path. The one to the right of the entrance is blocked by its own air shield, although much smaller. Notice what these look like as you will see them again.

Destroy a final cube under the ledge also blocked by a shield. Next to it, however, is a mirror-like structure that you can use to ricochet your balls off the cube.

With the big sign down, jump onto the moving platforms and follow the pillar to your left. Walk past the cyclops until you reach a series of long corridors blocked by red energy barriers. Eliminate the Vex, and the Minotaur that appears will drop a Vex Skull, which you can reflect the mirror off of to destroy the cube that creates the barrier.

Jump into the central area via the moving platforms, eliminate the enemies, and head down the other open hallway. There will be a Yellow Bar Wyvern there. Destroy it and its guards to advance.

Go under the tree roots and into the large blue-lit chamber. There are three Taken Plagues to destroy, guarded by Taken Ogres. The ogre eye beams can shoot you up in the air, so watch out.

When all the Blights are gone, take the Vex Portal and follow the marker. You will reach a very long platform covered with flowers; at its end, Nimbus and the deterministic chaos will lie on the ground before it.

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Pick it up and follow the pools of Vex energy (which also give you full ammo as long as you stand in them).

Blind your way through every enemy in your path, taking out mirror puzzles along the way. Eventually you will reach a large arena where Ghost will rebuke the Vex for creating a false god. Defeat all enemies, focus on the conceptual mind. It will flee down the hallway opposite the large circular structure and the Radiolaria Sea. Break the Vex Cubes as before, dropping both the large shield and the ghost vulnerable.

For the ghost’s final stand, it will teleport to the back of the long hallway, and you’ll need to break two final cubes and then burn the Vex into the ground. When you see the “Mission End” message on the left side of your screen, you can return to Neomuna.

Uncompleted business step 12

Bring the Conceptual Mind Memory Core to Nimbus in Striders’ Gate. Back to Neptune to meet Nimbus.

Uncompleted business step 13

Head into the Hall of Heroes to pay respects to those who came before you. A quest marker is located near Rohan’s server monument. Interact with it for a short cutscene and you’ve completed Unfinished Business.

Screenshot of GameSkinny

After completing Unfinished Business and the Deterministic Chaos in your hands, all you have to do is use it as you please, since there is currently no catalyst available. It hardly needs the gun, so test it out with your favorite Void 3.0 build and see how it goes. For more on exotic quests, check out our Gjallarhorn and Dead Messenger guides, to name just two. Our destiny 2 leads hub has more.

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