Destiny 2 Lightfall: How to Get and Use Terminal Overload Keys

One of the many activities new to destiny 2 incidence of light is terminal congestion. It’s one of the best ways to get Neomuna weapons and grind Vex and Shadow Legion Cabal kills. To haul in the loot, you’ll need Terminal Overload Keys.

Two chests are awarded for completing the activity. One offers generic loot, the other a chance at Neomuna gear. However, you need a Terminal Overload Key to open it. Luckily, getting them is easy, but don’t expect to swim in them. In this guide, we cover everything about Terminal Overload Keys.

Where can I find Terminal Overload Keys?

How to get Terminal Overload Keys:

  • Complete the incidence of light campaign.
  • Once that’s done, go into the archive in the hero hall.
  • progress of Archvist’s quest line until you unlock the Stargazer quest.

Complete the first two steps of stargazer – Complete a single Terminal Overload activity and defeat a specific Vex-Hydra in the Esi Terminal – to achieve step three in which you complete various activities in Neomuna.

You can earn keys for this step and any other time in the future by completing the following activities.

  • Public events.
  • Looting chests (region chests do not count).
  • complete patrols.

You don’t get a key every time you complete an activity, so try to double or triple them whenever possible. Keep a patrol active while participating in a public event and keep an eye out for chests while fighting.

Once you get your first Terminal Override Key, head into the activity. You have everything you need to advance Stargazer, a requirement for future quest lines.

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There’s also another method to get keys, but it’s a bit more difficult.

finish this Nimbus Daily Bounty available after reaching reputation rank 13. This daily quest is tied to Terminal Overload, but completing it always awards a key.

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How to use keys

Terminal Overload Keys have two main purposes. The first is obvious: opening the locked chest at the end of a successful Terminal Overload activity.

The second one deserves a key to pull that one Vex Incursion Countermeasures Nimub’s Weekly Bounty. You must complete the Bluejay Archivist quest to even access the Weekly, but completing the Partition activity unlocks a Pinnacle reward.

Now you have everything you need to know to get and use Terminal Overload Keys. As one of the most valuable consumables in incidence of light, you should always have one in your inventory. For more coverage of destiny 2‘s latest expansion, check out our D2 leads hub.

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