Destiny 2 Lightfall: How to Get Cloud Accretions

Each new determination 2 extension brings with it tons of new consumables, materials, and currencies, and Lightfall is no exception. Similar in size to the Witch Queen’s throne world, the neon-soaked city of Neomuna holds many mysteries, nooks and crannies worth exploring. In many of them you will find cloud deposits, Neptune’s planetary material. We will discuss the best way to get cloud accretions in this guide.

How to get cloud accretion in Destiny 2 Lightfall

You can collect Cloud Accretions whether or not you own them incidence of light or not as the area is open to all players. The material exists in the three primary patrol areas and the outskirts of the map. They appear to be small crystalline bushes that hide next to buildings and other terrain.

Cloud accretion rarely occurs outdoors, so it can sometimes be difficult to spot. The best and most consistent way to find them is to equip a Ghost mod from the Resource Detector line of mods.

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Depending on the cost of the mod, you can see cloud accretion spawns on your HUD from as little as 20 meters up to 75 meters.

You can improve this detection even further by equipping a weapon with a high zoom level, with sniper rifles being the best and most obvious choice. This expands the detection area.

One caveat: cloud clusters tend to hang around in the world after you’ve collected them for other players to find, so they stay on your HUD for a while too. Also note that only a few will spawn in a zone at a time – you can’t farm a single instance too quickly. However, you can move between zones and farm indefinitely if you wish.

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You need Cloud Accretions to complete the Unfinished Business Exotic Quest. Since collecting them also grants a small amount of Nimbus reputation, they’re a good addition to any reputation grind you might be doing.

That’s all you need to know about getting cloud accretions. We’ve covered many others incidence of light Topics here, including how to get the quicksilver storm catalyst, Increase your power level quicklyAnd kill tormentors. Our destiny 2 leads hub has more.

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