Destiny 2 Lightfall: How to Get The Ecliptic Distaff

The Ecliptic Staff is another in a long line of ritual weapons that were part of it destiny 2 a long time ago. While their older variants required tremendous wastage of time and a lot of luck or skill to acquire, newer versions like this weapon are just a matter of gameplay.

Ecliptic Distaff, a new Legendary Glaive of the Void, is something of a jack of all trades, offering a solid perk selection that specializes in a few things but is good at most. Here’s how to enter it destiny 2.

Where to get the Ecliptic Distaff in Destiny 2 Season of Defiance

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Only three Eclipse distaffs are available destiny 2 while incidence of lightSeason of Defiance:

  • A distaff comes from Zavala
  • One is from Shaxx
  • One is from the drifter

All you have to do to get these Ecliptic Distaffs is Reach Rank 16 with every providerthen return to them at the tower to get the distaff.

Tips to get the ecliptic distaff faster

The catch is that rank 16 is the final rank and it takes thousands of reputation points to reach it. The easiest vendor to earn the Ecliptic Rocken from is Zavala. Spend enough time in the Vanguard Ops and Nightfall playlists, and you’ll earn enough reputation naturally.

You should earn your team as many points as possible per activity, because the higher your score, the more reputation you get per completion.

If you prefer a more competitive grind, both Gambit and the Crucible can technically be faster routes to Ecliptic Distaff, but only if you can consistently string together wins. You won’t lose reputation by losing, but you’ll earn it much more slowly than if you’re on long winning streaks.

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You will want it too Watch out for double reputation weeks. When you log in for the first time destiny 2 Check which playlist has double replays each week and spend more time there than the other two. You can get a full vendor reset in just a few days if you grind hard enough, and you’ll have the Ecliptic Distaff in no time if you do.

There’s not much more to get the Ecliptic Distaff in destiny 2 as the. A little exercise in patience, but the possibility of having Repulcer Brace and Close to Melee on a Glaive at the same time can be more tempting than not. For more information, see our guides on the Imperial Decree Shotgun God RollThe Strider exotic questAnd how to complete the NODE OVRD AVALON mission. Our D2 leads hub has more.

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