Destiny 2 Lightfall: How to Get the Quicksilver Storm Exotic Catalyst

While it’s fine on its own, the destiny 2 Quicksilver Storm Exotic Auto Rifle with Exotic Catalyst becomes a Strand Element Kinetic that creates Tangles as you defeat enemies in Grenade Launcher mode. And you may be wondering how to get the catalyst for yourself.

Early access for the destiny 2 Quicksilver Storm Exotic Auto Rifle is available to those who have pre-ordered the Digital Deluxe Edition or purchased the Expansion and Annual Pass Bundle. Here’s what you need to know to get your hands on it.

How to complete any data port in a storm for the Quicksilver Storm Exotic Catalyst

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Getting your hands on the Quicksilver Storm Catalyst is easy. progress through the incidence of light campaign until you reach the Breakneck missionstep 8 the incidence of light questline.

At this point you can go to the holoprojector on the Strider’s Gate balcony Obtain the Catalyst quest from Banshee-44.

The quest is called “Any Data Port in a Storm” and with that it’s time to grind. There are three steps to unlocking the full potential of the Quicksilver Storm.

Any data port in a storm Step 1

To complete the first step of the Quicksilver Storm Catalyst quest, defeat several hundred enemies on Neomuna using auto rifles, grenades, and any grenade launcher. Kills with the latter grant the most efficient progression.

You know you’re making a profit because you get two types of material for every kill you get.

  • Default progress tracker are called calibration points.
  • Superior progress trackers are referred to as outlying data points.

You can double your performance using a weapon like Witherhoard to farm trash mobs while playing the campaign, but any grenade launcher will do, provided it can kill Adds efficiently enough.

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Any data port in a storm Step 2

This step consists of simply visiting Banshee-44 in the tower and demanding the third and final step from him.

Any data port in a storm Step 3

You must then use the Quicksilver Storm to defeat enemies to charge up the grenade launcher mode Defeat 50 enemies with these grenades.

You must be on Neomuna to advanceand if you reach this step during the campaign, we recommend doing it there, since many missions have a very high enemy density.

When you are outside of the grind incidence of light Campaign, try these activities with higher enemy concentrations:

  • Enter a Lost Sector.
  • Take part in the Terminal Overload event.
  • Fight in the weekly Vex Incursion Zone.

Once you’ve completed all of these steps, you can start grinding the Quicksilver Storm in earnest. When the quest is complete, you must Defeat 700 enemiesat this point you can equip the catalyst on the weapon and use it as a strand element arm.

While destiny 2 The Quicksilver Storm Exotic Catalyst quest isn’t nearly as complicated as some, Any Data Port in a Storm will still take a long time to complete. Make it a part of your daily activities on Neomuna, whatever they may be, and progress will come naturally. More on this Destiny 2 Lightfall and the game in general, check out our guides hub.

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