Destiny 2 Lightfall: How to Increase Your Power Level Fast

The power grinds in destiny 2 has always been one of the game’s most consistent challenges, and if you want to be raid-ready on day one or just want to spend less time pushing for higher power levels, quickly hitting the max power cap is paramount to reach. Thank God, determination has a lot of great ways to level up fast, and we cover the best of them in this guide.

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How to reach the power cap faster in Destiny 2 Lightfall

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The basic leveling structure in destiny 2 has remained relatively unchanged since at least Shadow Fortress Extension. Complete every Powerful and Pinnacle reward available on the Director, with Blue Gear Drops to fill in gaps.

incidence of light follows a similar pattern, but here are our recommendations for leveling up as quickly as possible to hit the performance cap.

The best ways to power level in Lightfall

  • Complete the Legendary incidence of light campaign. Completing the Legendary Campaign automatically grants a full set of 1770 power gear, a full 20 levels above the soft cap.
  • Complete all Basic Pinnacle Rewards. That means three Vanguard Ops, Gambit, and Crucible matches apiece. These are only +1 pinnacles but they still give you a good power boost.
  • Complete harder Pinnacles. These are the 200,000 Nightfall reward, 250,000 Dares, Lightfall 100,000 weekly mission and Partition activity on Neomuna.
  • Take a Pinnacle break and complete as many powerful quests as needed to fill your gear gaps – Merchant Challenges, Clan Rewards, Merchant Reputation Engrams, etc.
  • Complete the endgame Pinnacles. That means raids and dungeons. You’ll need a Fireteam for this, but you’re guaranteed to earn multiple Pinnacle rewards for completing them.
  • Turn in Prime Engrams as you receive them. Primes are randomly dropped powerful rewards, and they’re a great way to supplement your standard grind.
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all the time you grind Make sure you pick up all Legendary and Blue Engram Drops and infuse them.

Participate in Terminal Overload, Season of Defiance

Keep participating terminal overloadSeason of Defiance activities and other sources of progress so you’re always moving towards a goal.

Grab Nimbus’ reputation

Also, get Nimbus’ Reputation and Season Pass Armor as these are your maxed power and can help fill in additional gaps.

Play some PvP

Another great way to fill in gaps is by Play competitive Crucible or even Quick Play. You usually get at least two gear drops per match, matches can be the shortest and most efficient grind, and you get three chances for the Rose Hand Cannon.

Once you get into a rhythm for power grinding, the process required to increase your level quickly becomes very simple. In most cases, the order in which you complete the activities doesn’t matter much as long as you make progress. However, if you need to get to max level as soon as possible, here’s how to do it. If you’re looking for more coverage, check out ours destiny 2 guide collection.

Featured image via Bungie.

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