Destiny 2 Season of Defiance: The Variable Exotic Quest and Vex Nodes Guide

The destiny 2 The community has long been asking for secrets, and today Bungie has delivered a new exotic quest called The Variable. Available from the beginning of the second week of the Season of Defiance and only for Season owners, you can claim it from the War Table in the HELM. It will send you on a hunt for Vex data deep within their network. How to complete The Variable.

How to find all Vex nodes and complete exotic variable quest in Destiny 2 Season of Defiance

There are four steps to The Variable Exotic Quest, one of which requires significant work to complete. Another is some kind of brain teaser, and the other two are easy.

The Variable Step 1: Examine the canyon in the EDZ

All you have to do here is go to the Gulch in the EDZ and interact with the “digital trails” there, floating white Vex Nodes scattered about the area.

The variable Step 2: Follow the digital footsteps

There are a total of six tracks in the gorge. We cover them in best order of discovery.

First Vex data tracking node

Screenshot of GameSkinny

From the spawn area, jump across the gap to the platform where a Centurion and two Legionnaires are fighting. The node will be there between the antennas of a device.

Second Vex data tracking node

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Go left into the big canyon with the destroyed tank. The second knot is between two blown logs.

Third Vex data tracking node

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From the second node, head straight towards the rock face at the back of the area. There you will find the third node between more logs.

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Fourth Vex Data Trail node

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Go to the street signs to the right of the third node. The fourth is in the space between the two signs. Jump to touch it.

Fifth Vex Data Trace Node

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Go back to the entrance of the area, but stay in the lower part of the zone. The fifth node is under the bridge on the right side of Lost Sector Marker Rock.

Sixth Vex Data Trace Node

Screenshot of GameSkinny

To get to the sixth and final node, head up the ramp from the larger area with the destroyed tank, then jump off and look on the left side of the road where the fallen trees are. The knot hides underneath.

When you have all the nodes, continue from the sixth location until you see a cave with glowing red symbols on the walls. Go in and down into the deep.

Screenshot of GameSkinny

You will encounter a blue-eyed Vex Harpy who will let you into the NODE. OVRDAVALON mission.

The variable step 3

This step requires you to complete the NODE.OVRD.AVALON mission.

Screenshot of GameSkinny

For the final step, go back to the HELM and enter the War Table menu to complete the mission and get the Vexcalibur Exotic Special Glaive.

That’s all you need to know to complete The Variable quest and find all of Vex’s digital trace nodes in the EDZ destiny 2 leads hub for more on Lightfall, the Season of Defiance, and more.

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