Destiny 2: Season of the Deep – How to Get Epochal Integration with the Parting the Veil Quest

The Epochal Integration is a legendary handgun in destiny 2 which was released alongside Season of the Deep. It is actually a lightfall Expansion weapon available to all owners of this larger content drop. A 140 RPM weapon with solid stats and a static selection of perks, its primary purpose seems to be to introduce previously unattainable PvE relevance to handguns. This guide will tell you how to get it.

How to achieve an epochal integration in Destiny 2

If you own this lightfall extension, you can Obtain the Epochal Integration by completing the Parting the Veil story quest. It’s a six-part quest that doesn’t require much from you for most of the gameplay. Still, there are some parts that can pose a bit of a challenge if you’re not careful (like I wasn’t). Here are all the steps.

Destiny 2: Parting the Veil Step 1: Defeat Cabal on Neomuna

Begin sharing the veil by speaking to Nimbus on Neomuna. The quest is only available if you have also completed it Unfinished exotic quest obtained during the Lightfall campaign. Nimbus will send you to defeat some cabals on Neomuna and collect the Vex tracking data they drop.

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The easiest way to get the tracking data is to start a Terminal Overload activity, defeat the Cabal you need, and then book them in for the next step. Active Terminal Overloads are also worthwhile for the loot and reputation you can earn. If Cabal is all you seek, there’s no shame in phasing out what you’ve started.

Destiny 2: Parting the Veil Step 2: Collect Vex Data at Maya’s Retreat

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From Liming Port, head east into the cave system, past the Cabal on the platforms, into the second set of caves. There you’ll see a Vex tower surrounded by shielded harpies and tons of enemies to defeat.

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These waves start with goblins, hobgoblins, and fanatics, but quickly add orange minotaurs and wyverns. Completing each wave allows you to take down one of the harpies around the tower, and the final wave features a boss-level wyvern that will hit you with its warp lance in a single shot if you get the chance.

When you’ve finally defeated everything (a matter of time as there is no respawn limit) go to the tower and interact with it to get the data.

Destiny 2: Parting the Veil Step 3: Collect Vex Data from the Irkalla Complex

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West of the Zephyr Hall, across the roofs and awnings and through a portal, you’ll reach the Irkalla Complex, just outside the complex where the Veil is hiding. This is also where you stood by Caiatl for the last time in the election campaign.

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There are plenty of additional Vex to destroy here. Eliminate the first group of Goblins to spawn the starting wave broadly consistent with the last Vex encounter: Goblins, Fanatics, Hobgoblins, and a lone Wyvern. The difference now: in each wave a pair of hydras also appear. Head to the back of the raised platforms area and use line of sight to dodge the worst of the onslaught, as this fight will quickly knock you into the ground if you’re not careful.

Destiny 2 Parting the Veil Step 4: Complete the “Parting the Veil” story mission

After collecting the last of the Vex data, a mission flag will appear next to the entrance to the Veil Containment Facility. Activate it to participate in the Parting the Veil mission. In the first section, you’ll make your way up to the server room overlooking the Veil itself, where you’ll hear a voice transcript from Chioma Esi, one of Neomuna’s founders.

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Shortly after the end of the log, Taken will invade, and you must book it into the arena where you last fought Calus at the end of the Lightfall campaign. There you will fight instead of Calus a boss-level tormentor in a two-phase encounter.

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The first phase of the fight is like any other against a tormentor: break his shoulders and then damage his chest. Once you remove 33% of its health, it blocks the perimeter of the arena, forcing you to engage in tight quarters.

Unless your Strength is 1770 or less, even this boss tormentor can’t necessarily kill you in one hit. That means you can get knocked up in the air by his punch, which will either kill you outright or give you a health. The boss’s attacks cover a large part of the arena due to its size, so you’ll have to stay mobile.

Once you’ve defeated the tormentor, listen to the following dialogue and then proceed to the next step.

Destiny 2: Parting the Veil Step 5: Mediate at Pouka Pond

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This step is easy and leads directly to the last one. Go to the Hall of Heroes and rest at Pouka Pond.

Destiny 2 Parting the Veil Step 6: Collect the Epochal Integration

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Once you enter the meditation screen at Pouka Pool, you can claim the Epochal Integration. It currently comes with a fixed role:

  • barrel: Small bore
  • magazine: Ricochet cartridges
  • feature 1: Keep away or statistics for everyone
  • Feature 2: Eye of the Storm or Glowing

Between the two origin characteristics you probably want Stick with Nanotech Tracer Rockets for the flat damage bonus it offers.

It looks like we’re only getting the one, but if the dialogue during the mission gives any indication, we’ll probably return to this activity every week to make new throws with the weapon. Or maybe not, and we’re left with this good but wildly meta-meta handgun selection. What a pity.

With that everything is settled destiny 2‘s Epochal integration at your fingertips. learn more about it destiny 2Check out the many rewards in Season of the Deep and in game in general our D2 guides hub.

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