Destiny 2: Season of the Deep — How to Get Salvage and Deep Dive Keys in D2

destiny 2 With Season of the Deep, Salvage and Deep Dive keys have been added to the seasonal progression model. They’re not entirely new, as the idea of ​​activity-specific keys that open loot chests is carried over from previous seasons. In season 21, they are just called by a new name. You’ll need as many of these as you can get your hands on to get all of the rewards available this season. Our guide explains how to farm salvage and deep dive keys D2.

Where to get salvage and deep dive keys in Destiny 2

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I found that completing activities throughout the system gives you both Salvage and Deep Dive keys destiny 2. This of course includes:

  • Vanguard Ops.
  • Crucible.
  • Gambit.
  • raids
  • dungeons
  • Seasonal Activities.

You can earn too D2 Salvage and Deep Dive keys by completing the activities that use them: unsurprisingly Salvage and Deep Dive. You will receive the items when the “End of Activity” message appears on your screen. You can use them immediately if you are in the right place.

How to Farm Destiny 2 Salvage and Deep Dive Keys

Agriculture destiny 2 The Salvage and Deep Dive keys are all about completing activities as quickly as possible. So you need something that takes five minutes or less to get actual value. As has literally been the case for years, the best farm I suggest is checkpointing a boss. If you have a checkpoint for the boss of the Shattered Throne dungeonyou can ask a member of your fireteam to rescue the checkpoint, kill the boss, and then invite him back in, which you can repeat as many times as you like.

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If you are traveling alone, I recommend that the core ritual playlists are your best bet. keep doing Base Vanguard Ops for most deals take around 10 minutes, although a Crucible match where one team is dominant can be over in just a few minutes.

Gambit is a third option if that’s your thing. This is the method I prefer, especially towards the end of a Season, as chilling out in the Strikes and Season playlists is a great way to unwind or see how overpowered our Wardens have become.

Finally, you can always keep playing Salvage and Deep Dives as you can still open the ending chest for rewards and reputation. Just don’t expect as much as if you had a key.

Now you know how to get and farm it destiny 2 Salvage and Deep Dive Keys during Season of Deep. Farm as many as you can handle now to ensure a steady supply of seasonal rewards later. Find more tips, tricks, and walkthroughs here our D2 guides hub.

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