Destiny 2: Season of the Deep – How to Unlock Deep Focusing

As in previous seasons destiny 2, Season of the Deep Offers the ability to focus the season-specific Deep Engrams on weapons and armor. Thanks to the progression changes Bungie made in Season 21, unlocking the ability to Deep Focus your Deep Engrams is (still mine?) a little different than usual. This guide will show you how to unlock Deep Focusing. Luckily it’s pretty easy.

How to unlock weapon depth focus in Destiny 2

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Unlike previous Seasons, progression in Season of the Deep is achieved almost entirely through natural play. As long as you engage with the seasonal content for an extended period of time, you’ll unlock almost everything you need. To unlock Deep Focusing you need to do two things.

First you need to acquire six Season of the Deep weapons or mint reckoning weapons. It doesn’t matter if you get six of just one kind or a mix of both; There are twelve weapons in total. You can see each of these weapons on the Deep Focusing screen. We’ve listed them here with “Season of the Deep” on the left and “Reckoning” on the right.

  • hand cannon: Targeted editing / replacement rations
  • SMG: Rapacious Appetite / Bug Out Bag
  • pulse rifle: Other Times / Outlasting
  • shotgun: Until His Return / Last Man Standing
  • sniper rifle: A Distant Pull / Slow Survivor
  • sword: Thin Chasm / Just in Case

Second, once you have six of the above weapons, go to the Seasonal Challenges screen, navigate to Seasonal Bonuses (the central diamond icon in the leftmost column) and redeem the Deep Weapon Focusing challenge.

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Now you can return to the Beacon Station and begin focusing your Deep Engrams, with specific focusing costing one, two, or four engrams depending on how specific you want to be.

How to Unlock Deep Focusing destiny 2. It’s not the easiest thing we’ve seen, but neither was the old system. If you need more help with Season of the Deep, check out our guides on how to get Deep Dive and Salvage keys and our guides on how to do it Unfinished exotic quest, which you must complete if you want the Epochal Integration Hand Cannon. Our D2 guides hub has more.

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