Destiny 2: The Nightfall Weapon This Week (May 16 to May 23, 2023)

Rest in every week destiny 2, the playlist for Nightfall – The Ordeal, rotates the activity that rewards some of the game’s rarest and finest weapons and materials. Each week also brings a new Nightfall weapon. Here’s the Nightfall weapon for this week, May 9-16, 2023.

What is this week’s Nightfall weapon in Destiny 2?

This week you will earn THE SCHWARM machine gun, a high-impact frame variant that shoots slowly and hits like a truck. While high-impact frames aren’t exactly all the rage, they can keep up with the right combination of benefits. Here is one of the best SWARM god rolls available right now:

  • barrel: Arrowhead Brake
  • magazine: Exact rounds
  • feature 1: binge eating
  • feature 2: target lock

This roll allows THE SWARM to act as both an add-clear weapon and a boss DPS weapon, especially if you’re an Arc subclass and have the right Surge mods.

To earn THE SWARM, farm the Lake of Shadows Strike, which has been given a major overhaul and made significantly more of a hassle with the Lightfall expansion. Expect most runs to be at least 10 to 15 minutes.

This week’s Nightfall modifiers are pretty standard and work well with both Void and Strand builds.

  • Both Empty And Beach Rise are active and increase their damage done by 25.
  • You will be confronted barrier And Unstoppable Champions.
  • Arc threat is active, meaning you take 25% more damage from arc sources.

What is the nightfall power cap this week?

Depending on the selected difficulty, there are a variety of additional modifiers such as equipment lock, additional champions and others. Your performance level is also limited:

  • hero: Maximum power 1765
  • Legend: Maximum power 1815
  • master: Maximum power 1820
  • Grandmaster: Maximum power 1815
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This results in an enforced power differential of -5, -15, -20, and -25, and Legend, Master, and GM difficulties have matchmaking disabled. Unless you can handle the attack alone, bring a fireteam of competent teammates with you.

Good luck farming the Nightfall weapon this week. Hopefully you’ll snag the buzzard sidearm with the throw you’re looking for, as there aren’t guaranteed rewards on either difficulty. For more D2 content, cCheck out our guide hub.

Featured image via Bungie

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