Destiny 2 Thread of Generation Fragment Explained

One of the best fragments for the Strand subclass in destiny 2 Is thread of generation. This is mostly due to its effects and the importance of having a charged grenade. Having constant access to your grenade is essential for most builds, regardless of the class you play, and this fragment makes it much easier to get it back. Here’s everything you need to know about the Thread of Generation Fragment.

How the thread of generation works in Destiny 2

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Thread of Generation does exactly what the fragment description says: Dealing damage reduces the cooldown of your grenade. As with most things in destiny 2How much you recover and how quickly remains an open question. So we did a little testing.

When the Thread of Generation Fragment is active, it appears that you will, dealing consistent damage even to red bar enemies Reduce the time it takes to get your grenade back by at least 30-40%. We were running at 80 Discipline, so our basic ability regen wasn’t maxed out, and with the fragment active, we were able to get the grenade back long before we completed the Widow’s Walk Lost Sector in the EDZ.

More thorough testing would be needed to definitively say how effective Thread of Generation is, but even preliminary results show its potential.

How to get the Generation Thread in Destiny 2

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If you want Thread of Generation, you have to do this complete the incidence of light campaign and unlock the Beach subclass. Once that’s done, go to the Pouka Pond to meditate, open the Beach Ability Unlock menu, then open the Fragments submenu. Thread of Generation is the first symbol in the second row. It will cost you 200 strand meditations unlock.

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Obtaining Beach Meditations is pretty easy: just use Beach throughout the system and do activities on Neomuna – Patrols, Public Events, and the Weekly Partition – and earn reputation on Nimbus for several hundred meditations in a short amount of time.

Return to the pond to unlock the fragment, then equip it in Strand’s subclass menu.

Is Thread of Generation worth it in Destiny 2?

Yes. Thread of Generation is more than worth it. While many builds have two or more ways to regain ability energy almost instantly, many require a specific gameplay loop to use them properly. Although there are usually fail-safe or backup strategies for getting back in, if you fail these you will be left with no ability regeneration at all. Thread of Generation bypasses some of this potential downtime.

The fragment’s effects are constant and passive. All you have to do to activate it is deal damage to your enemies – from whatever source. Damage over time, charged and uncharged melee damage, super damage, it doesn’t matter. As long as your enemies lose health, Thread of Generation will do the work for you.

Hopefully that makes it easier to decide if you want to build Thread of Generation into your next one destiny 2 build. There are few meta options that not use it so we can’t recommend it enough. For additional advice on incidence of light Content of the extension can be found in our guides to Unfinished Business Exotic Quest, how to complete the stargazer questAnd how to complete the all hands challenge in the Root of Nightmares raid. Our D2 leads hub has more.

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