Diablo 4 Beta Error Code 300202 Explained & Potential Fix

diablo 4 Error code 300202 is an issue currently plaguing beta players, preventing them from fully enjoying early access to Blizzard’s upcoming ARPG. Since this is a testing phase for the game, such hiccups are bound to happen, but they’re no less annoying when you’ve been waiting in a queue for dozens of minutes — or even more than an hour.

What is Error Code 300202 in Diablo 4 Beta?

How Error 316719, error code 300202 appears to be an issue affecting random players. Some never experience it, while others encounter it again and again. It will usually kick players out of the game, sending them back to the main menu and forcing them to sit through a long queue all over again.

Unlike error 316719, it does not appear that players have lost characters due to error code 300202, although this cannot be ruled out as a result of being kicked by this issue.

What Causes Error Code 300202?

So what causes error code 300202? Currently, this issue seems most likely to be a server or connection issue. Multiple reports from players who encountered the code state that their “game connection” was lost, meaning it’s likely a server-side bug that Blizzard needs to fix.

So far it seems to appear alongside other errors like 316719 and 300008 diablo 4 The beta is of course a testing phase for the game, it’s no surprise that the servers may be overloaded.

While it’s currently difficult to pinpoint, it appears that a number of different actions can trigger the error. Correlation is not causation, but here are some of the reported actions players took before encountering error code 300202:

  • Creating a Character.
  • Customize a character.
  • Watching a cutscene.
  • Changing world levels.
  • Fight enemies in the game.
  • break objects.
  • Start the game.
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Is there a solution for error code 300202?

As with any network issue of this nature, the most likely solution to error code 300202 is to simply wait and hope that the server load eases up. However, considering the popularity of the Diablo 4 beta, you could be in for a long wait, even in the queue.

Another possible solution is to check your internet status and make sure your connection is working properly. It is possible that the error code 300202 is client-side. It’s always worth making sure your devices (routers, etc.) are working properly.

One diablo 4 forum user said that they were able to work around the problem by tweaking their graphics settings, turning things down from high to medium and setting their refresh rate to 60fps. We haven’t tried this potential solution, but it’s easy to try.

For now, this is what we know about error code 300202 in the diablo 4 Beta. We will update this guide when or if there is an official fix, server capacity has been added, or additional information has been released. Until then, keep trying!

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