Diablo 4: Can You Use WASD Movement Controls on PC?

Using WASD motion control in the Diablo 4 Beta would be a great way to save some work on your fingers. If you played one Diablo Game on PC, you already know that you have to click a lot. Click to move, click to attack, click to interact. It can get tiring. With that in mind, you might be wondering if you can use more traditional controls diablo 4as you can in Diablo immortal. Here’s what you need to know about WASD movement as an option.

Does Diablo 4 have WASD motion controls?

Unfortunately, the answer to this is whether or not you can use WASD motion controls in the diablo 4 Beta on the PC is no, that is not possible. Functionality isn’t an option, at least for now.

diablo 4Motion control from on PC is mapped to a single button. By default, this is the left mouse button (LMB). Your character will move to where your mouse pointer is on the screen when you click or press it.

Attacking and interacting with things are also assigned to the same button by default, although you can unbind the attack function at the cost of a skill slot.

Blizzard may later add the option for WASD control support; finally it’s in Diablo immortal. Meanwhile, folks who want to play on PC but click a little less should probably take advantage of the game’s controller support.

Since you can’t use WASD controls on PC, you’re stuck clicking or rebinding motion to a different key. We’ll update this guide if anything changes as we get closer to the June release. More on this diablo 4be sure to Check out our Advice Hub.

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