Diablo 4 Classes Tier List: All Classes Ranked

there are five diablo 4 Classes, each with their own unique skill tree and class-specific mechanics. You must carefully weigh all the pros and cons of each one before choosing the best option. Our guide will rank all classes diablo 4 in a leaderboard to help you decide which ones to pick during the game’s beta period.

S level


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The necromancer is not only the most well-known class in the thematic Diablo franchise but also the best in class diablo 4 based on skills.

The Necromancer’s abilities are designed to go it alone and include some incredible offensive and defensive options, such as: rot And blood mist. The class can also summon an entire army of skeletons, mages and golems with the unique mechanic. Book of the Damned.

The best part about the necromancer in diablo 4 is that you can customize your entire undead army to fit your personal playstyle.

A level


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Druid is a recurring class diablo 2and it has shapeshifting abilities as well as access to very powerful earth and storm magic.

You can transform into forms like that Werebear And werewolfwhich last for a short time before either reverting to your default human form or assuming a different form.

The strongest offensive skill for this class is Crushing Blowwhich could be a huge advantage against bosses and would be the best debuff skill Vulnerablemaking enemies weaker by 30%.


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If you want to focus solely on powerful spells, the Wizard class is a good choice, although it does have some weaknesses in its defensive abilities.

As a caster, you gain access to various abilities that include fire, frost, and lightning magic. You can also use Crackling energywhich allows you to collect energy balls that restore your mana.

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But the best thing about this class is its uniqueness enchantment Mechanic that allows you to increase the number of your active skills from six to nine.

B class


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Although melee classes aren’t as powerful as their elemental counterparts, Rogue can really surprise you with its range of weapon combos.

You can switch between four types of weapons, including bows, crossbows, daggers, and swords. You can also use the penetrates Mechanic that imbues these weapons with various effects such as poison, The shadeAnd Cold energies.

Due to the high mobility of this class, you can easily perform various melee AoE effects, especially when your weapons are imbued with curses.


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Players looking for a more brutal melee class that gets straight to the point should definitely go for the Barbarian.

You get access to such weapons as swords, Two-handed macesAnd Two axes. This class also has access to various shoutinga special crowd control mechanic.

In addition to normal physical damage, barbarians can also deal heavy bleed damage the best route for this class.

These are all diablo 4 Classes classified for beta phase. As Blizzard tweaks and balances the game towards launch, we’ll be updating this leaderboard based on what’s been added and removed for each class. Be sure to check out more diablo 4 Article with tips and tricks exactly here.

Featured image via Blizzard Entertainment.

Featured image via Blizzard Entertainment

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