Diablo 4 Open Beta Feedback Leads to Changes for Classes, Bosses, and More

There are some changes coming to Diablo 4 based on the game’s open beta feedback. Hordes of adventurers took up the call to aid Sanctuary during the game’s recent testing phase, and Blizzard collected a ton of data in the process.

Over 61.5 million hours were played, over 29 billion monsters slain, and 2.6 million Beta Wolf Packs were earned. The beta was quite good, but that doesn’t mean Blizzard is content to rest on its laurels. The developer has made a number of changes based on player feedback and announced what those changes will be in a recent Diablo 4 blog post.

Here’s a quick breakdown of what’s changed since the Early Access and Open Beta:

  • Cellars will now consistently reward a chest upon completion and the chance for a dungeon Event to occur has increased
  • Every character class has received balance adjustments. While these changes are largely buffs, there are a few nerfs peppered in. For a complete list, check out Blizzard’s full update.
  • Several quality-of-life fixes were implemented, and all classes now have access to crowd control breaking skills with appropriate cooldowns.
  • Multiple dungeons have been optimized across all zones to minimize the need for backtracking. Specifically, players often needed to enter side rooms to interact with Structure Objectives. These have now been placed along the main path.
  • The chance for Dungeon Events to spawn has increased from 10% to 60%.
  • Bosses such as T’chort, Malnok, Vhenard, and others were reevaluated for melee character difficulty, resulting in changes to attacks and fight mechanics. The Butcher was also re-evaluated for difficulty and will present a greater challenge in World Tiers III and IV.
  • Various issues were fixed regarding UI, including the chat now displaying on the left side of the screen and the sans serif font to be replaced with a new serif font.
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Blizzard also announced that there will be a new Diablo 4 Developer Update Livestream featuring Game Director Joe Shely, Associate Game Director Joseph Piepiora, and Associate Director of Community Adam Fletcher on April 20 at 11 a.m. PDT. Rhykker will serve as a special guest host. You can watch live on Blizzard’s Twitch and Youtube channels.

Those are just some of the changes coming to Blizzard’s aRPG based on beta feedback. Check out the whole blog post linked at the top of this article for more. Diablo 4 releases for PC, PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S on June 6. 

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