Diablo 4 Will Have Both Seasons and Expansions

If you have played diablo 4‘s beta, you know it’s shaping up to be one of the biggest (and best) releases of 2023. Our impression of the game so far is this It’s one hell of a comeback for the franchise. And we now have a little more insight into Blizzard’s plans for long-term support of the game: Seasons and a Battle Pass.

How Diablo 3 before, diablo 4 will feature seasons lasting three months, according to game director Joe PiepioraIn in a recent interview game informant. Additionally, these seasons will feature meaningful story updates, which wasn’t the case with the others Diablo 3.

diablo 4 will also feature paid and free Battle Passes, which isn’t too surprising considering its status as a live service game. That’s just the nature of the animal.

These revelations raised some doubts diablo 4 would avoid more traditional extensions like diablo 2‘S Lord of Destruction or Diablo 3‘S reaper of soulswhich are widely regarded as the highlights of these games, and in reaper of souls‘ Case what made Diablo 3 Work after a notoriously choppy start.

However, fans shouldn’t worry. diablo 4 will continue to receive traditional extensions. The message was confirmed by Diablo Chef Rod Fergusson in a Twitter conversation with forbes“Paul Tassi. To the question whether diablo 4 would still get major expansions, Fergusson said, “our live service will be seasons and expansions.”

The decision makes sense. While diablo 4 clearly integrates live service trends like Battle Passes and seasonal content, in a way that respects the legacy of the series and allows Blizzard to make big changes with new expansions. diablo 4 Coming to PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and PC on June 6th.

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Featured image by Blizzard Entertainment.

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