Disney Dreamlight Valley: A Three Course Thank You Quest Walkthrough

Disney Dreamlight Valley recently brought us loads of new content to explore in the Pride of the Valley update. The quest “A Three-Course Thank You” is a new Remy quest line that cannot be started until you find a bag of ingredients in your valley. We’ve got everything you need to know to start and complete A Three Course Thank You.

How to complete a three course thank you

This quest requires you to unlock the Forest of Valor biome (3,000 Dreamlight).

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  • You must first go to the Forest of Valor and find a yellow and red dotted bag of ingredients. There’s no telling exactly where it will be, just that it’s somewhere in that biome.
  • Once you find the bag of ingredients, the quest line will start automatically.
  • Your first task is to bring the bag of ingredients to Remy. If you need help finding the little guy, go to the map and select him. A trail of Dreamlight will appear and lead you to it.
  • Once you find him, talk to him. He’ll tell you that a raccoon must have run away with his ingredients and he’s glad to have them back.
  • He will then tell you that he wants to cook meals for everyone who stayed behind during the Oblivion: Merlin, Mickey, Mr. McDuck, and Goofy to say thank you for all their efforts.
  • You must now cook five “fresh” five-star recipes. The “fresh” refers to it being specially cooked during the quest, so it can’t be an existing recipe pulled from storage.
  • Remy will give you 4 Butter, Cheese, Milk and Eggs to help you.
  • Five-star recipes require five ingredients, so we need to choose one that meets those requirements. You can make any five-star recipe for this step, but we went for it pastry cream and fruitbecause the recipe is quite simple.
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  • After you’ve prepared all four five-star recipes, find Merlin, Mickey, Mr. McDuck, and Goofy and give them each of your prepared dishes.
  • When you’ve given away all the dishes, return to Remy.
  • Remy will give you a three course thank you meal for all our help. The courses are all five-star meals: Mediterranean salad, ratatouille, and a banana split. You have now completed a three course. Thanks very much!

Well, that’s it for our guide on how to complete a three course thank you. If you found this article helpful, check out our other Disney Dreamlight Valley Leadersuch as how to cook a beetle platter or how do i get simba.

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