Disney Dreamlight Valley: Eggstravaganza Guide

Disney Dreamlight Valley‘s Pride of the Valley update brought with it a special event, Eggstravaganza! This event is packed with Easter treats, and we know you’ll want to receive all of the special items. In this guide, you’ll learn everything you need to know about collecting the eggs, the cooking recipes, and the pieces of furniture that can be crafted.

How to collect eggs for the Eggstravaganza

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In order to collect Eggstravaganza Eggs, you must take a journey through your valley and complete some of the special event quests. There are three types of eggs you can find.

  • Spring V-Egg-etable (Yellow)
    • Seeds can be crafted from a crafting station, Eggs are rewarded from Wall-E quests.
  • Wild Spring Egg (blue)
  • EGG Cellular Fruit (Pink)
    • They are harvested from bushes throughout the valley and spawn randomly in different biomes.

Eggstravaganza cooking recipes

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The eggs come with their own spring-themed recipes, and there are currently three recipes for you to prepare; So get your basket ready and start your egg hunt!

  • spring chocolate (Sold for 254 Star Coins)
    • 1 cane
    • 1 cocoa bean
    • 1 spring V-EI deployable
  • spring eggshell (Sold for 370 Star Coins)
    • 1 cane
    • 1 cocoa bean
    • 1 ovule fruit
    • 1 wild spring egg
    • 1 spring V-EI deployable
  • Spring mimosa eggs (Sold for 298 Star Coins)
    • 1 basil
    • 1 ovule fruit
    • 1 wild spring egg
    • 1 spring V-EI deployable

The recipes can be consumed for protein-like energy, sold at a Goofy booth, or gifted to villagers. Recreating the recipes will also help you complete some Dreamlight tasks.

Eggstravaganza crafting items

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Decorating for the event is the best way to bring spring spirit to your valley. There are four new pieces of furniture for you to craft, and we know you can’t wait to bring them to your village. They require a lot more eggs than the cooking recipes, so making them all may take some time.

  • Sunny side up arch
    • 25 Wild Spring Egg
    • 25 ovate fruit
    • 25 Spring V-EI dining table
    • 10 iron ingots
  • Spring Egg Bounty
    • 15 Wild Spring Egg
    • 15 ovate fruit
    • 15 spring V-EI stable
    • 50 stone
  • “Don’t put everyone in the basket” basket.
    • 10 Wild Spring Egg
    • 10 ovate fruit
    • 5 spring V-EGG stable
    • 20 fiber
  • About armchair
    • 5 Wild Spring Egg
    • 5 ovate fruit
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That’s it for our guide to the Eggstravaganza event. The event runs until Saturday April 29th. If you’re just starting to battle your way through the event, be sure to check out ours Bunnys on the Run quest guide.

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