Disney Dreamlight Valley Hotfix Update Will Resolve Update Launch Bugs

Disney Dreamlight Valley has released its third major update, Festival of Friendshipon February 16, 2023. For all major updates, bugs in the game are potential side effects, and the Festival of Friendship is no different.

Gameloft developers have been keeping an eye on glitches and listening to community feedback Help Center Forum and the discord of the game. The latest update will improve the quest lines and bring features that the community has been asking for. The update was announced via the Disney Dreamlight Valley Twitter account:

Topics covered include:

  • Quests no longer block animal feeding.
  • Dandelion Syrup is granted in the quest What Home Feels Like.
  • Stitch’s hobby quest makes sure you get past the cave.
  • The main chest can be placed outside of the player’s houses.

Image via Gameloft

said Gameloft that it will reveal more bug fixes early next week. With the current player base supporting the game’s Early Access, it’s great to see the developers are listening to the community.

With much more to come in the 2023 roadmap, it will be great to see how Gameloft continues to respond to player feedback. You can keep up to date with everything we have to offer Disney Dreamlight Valley Here.

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Featured image via Gamesskinny

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